HTC One M9 rumors are more about the name


As the Holiday season approaches the more rumors we have for the flagship smartphones and the new HTC One M9 is not an exception. Actually the speculations for the new device from the Taiwanese manufacturer are not for its design, or tech specs, but are more focused on its actual name. There were information that the next generation smartphone from HTC will break the tradition and will not be named…


Microsoft Band is officially revealed


Microsoft confirmed the rumors that it may join the race for wearables and revealed today the Microsoft Band.  The new device will run the health software of the company – Microsoft Health. Like the other smartbands this one will also needs to be sync with a smartphone to use its apps and hardware. But unlike some other wearables, the new smartband will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone….


Google may launch Project Ara in 2015


Google may start selling the first devices from its modular smartphone Project Ara in 2015. This is a bold and revolutionary new concept for a mobile device that can be fully customizable by the users. You want big screen? No problem, there is a module for that. The same thing is about battery, camera, physical keyboard and etc. The idea is when there is a new faster CPU or high…


The big search for the Halo 5 release date


Sometimes people search for rumors in incredible places – in the case of Halo 5 release date we talk about a photo with a clock. Microsoft hasn’t announced when when the next chapter of the popular video game will be available for sale. And fans are trying to dig out more info about the Halo 5: Guardians they found something interesting at first glance. A photo in Twitter by a…


Android Wear got its update


Google make an update to Android Wear after releasing its new smartphones. This confirms earlier rumors that the newer version of the wearable mobile OS of the Internet giant it’s on the way. The speculations were wrong about the name – Google didn’t call it Android Wear 2.0, some of the reasons are that the update wasn’t that radical. The first ability that the smartwatch owners with Android Gear gets…


Absurd rumor of the week: Transparent iPhone


Some people are still in line to some Apple shop to get their iPhone 6 and we already have rumors for the next one, which may be… transparent. Well in the endless sea of information of the Web there are different types of speculations, some are plausible, others misleading, third – absurd. The report of the transparent iPhone fitted in the last category, but if you dig a little bit…


Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors round up

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

After the heated autumn with a plenty of good smartphones releases everyone are looking forward for what Samsung is holding for its Galaxy S6. We saw a rain of beautiful devices like Apple’s iPhone 6, Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 and Nokia Lumia 930. And the logical question is – what the new flagship from the Samsung’s Galaxy will offer? And more importantly…


Beats Audio will live for now

Apple Beats Audio

After Apple purchased Beats Audio for $3 billion there are rumors that the tech giant will shut down the Dr Dre’s company. After the deal there aren’t many news about the future of the popular brand. Apple mention only once Beats products in its last two keynotes. All this fueled the speculations that the company may be shut down. Beats Audio has two major business – first is to offer…


Lenovo is looking to buy BlackBerry – again


New rumors surfaced that Lenovo is looking to buy BlackBerry. This was not the first time that the Chinese company is interested in the Canadian firm. But now the smartphone producer it seems a little bit more attractive than an year ago. Now BlackBerry is trying to revive its handset division and has some positive results. The new Passport smartphone sold 200 thousands units for a short time and this…


Microsoft may join the race for wearables

Galaxy gear vs Pebble

Microsoft may join the race for wearables as it plans to launch a smart device for the wrist. Probably it will be a smart watch and it could track user’s heart rate and maybe it will have more than two days battery life of regular use. It is not as shocking as it sounds in the first place. Because when Microsoft announced their new operating system Windows 10, in the…