WhatsApp is rumored to introduce voice calls

whatsapp voice calls

WhatsApp is rumored to introduce voice calls soon, a long-waited feature, that is on the table for more than an year. The popular messaging app is still lacking of voice option and the company hinted many times it is under development. There is no official information when it will be available, but according to the last leaks pointed out that it may be introduce soon. Voice calls were expected to…


Leaks reveals small changes of Galaxy S6 size

Galaxy S6 size Galaxy S5

Samsung’s smartphone evolution is all about increasing the screens of its devices, but recent leaks showed that there may be no significant changes of Galaxy S6 size. The French site Nowhereelse.fr obtained some schematics which are claim to be for a case for the new South Korean flagship model. They showed that the size of Galaxy S6 is similar to the dimensions of the current Galaxy S5. The new model…


Apple is preparing iPod Touch 6G

Apple iPod Touch 6G

Apple is preparing the next generation iPod Touch 6G are suggesting the last round of rumors. Still there are not enough details about this device and for now the information is little bit speculative, but it is an interesting unofficial news. According to a various news outlets the new iPod Touch 6G will resemble much of the hardware of the current models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is…


Qualcomm and Samsung clashed for the Snapdragon 810

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810

Qualcomm and Samsung are clashed into a debate over the new US company’s chipset Snapdragon 810. In the recent information the two companies had disagreements about the overheating problems with the new processor for mobile devices. Another rumor suggested that apparently Samsung was dropped from purchasing the new Snapdragon 810. According to Wall Street Journal Qualcomm had a lot of complaints from its overheating processor without to specify where are…


The flagship Xperia Z4 might miss MWC

Sony flagship Xperia Z4 in MWC

Sony might not reveal its new flagship Xperia Z4 in MWC in Barcelona, at least the latest rumors suggested such possibility. According to the speculations the Japanese company will launch a mid-range smartphone during the World Mobile Congress. The release of the flagship is supposedly postponed for the summer of 2015. The evidence for such move comes from a couple of unofficial information about the plans of the company. This…


Apple Watch release date is set for April

Apple Watch release date

Apple Watch release date is most probably set for April. The latest information is not a unconfirmed rumor, but it comes from the company’s CEO Tim Cook. Yesterday during the earnings call the Apple’s director said that the new wearable is on schedule and the shipping will begin in April. “My expectations are very high on Apple Watch”, he said during the call, quoted by Forbes. And he added that…


Acer maybe prepares a Windows 10 smartphone

Windows 10 smartphone

Acer is one of the companies that maybe prepares a Windows 10 smartphone. Or at least that pointed out the recent rumors. The Taiwanese manufacturer said that it get back to Windows Phone smartphones which will be launched in 2015.  For short time Acer ditched the Microsoft’s mobile OS in favor of Android, but recently it hinted that may reconsider this action. After Microsoft revealed more details about its new…


Apple Watch battery life may endure one day

Apple Watch battery life

The latest rumors about Apple Watch is about its battery life which could endure up to one day. According to some new unofficial information it will endure only from two and a half to four hours in active usage. It will have up to 19 hours of mixed usage and up to three days in idle mode. These different speculations spurred rumors about the smartwatch’s actual battery life. Those speculations…


Microsoft’s old rumor – the HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens Windows 10

Microsoft revealed its new HoloLens during the Windows 10 presentation. Those are digital glasses with powerful augmented reality, which can “produce” holograms. The history of this device is far more older than some people thought. Actually the software giant is preparing those technology for quite some time. Think about at least three to four years earlier. And still this technology is so sophisticated that the HoloLens are still in an…


Confirmed rumors – A single Windows 10 for all

Single Windows 10, universal Windows 10 xbox

Microsoft’s event swept away the tech world as a hurricane, confirming a ton of rumors leaked in the past few months as it introduced a truly single Windows 10. One system should rule them all – tablets, smartphones, PCs, even TVs. Well this is confirmed as the software giant just presented a truly unified platform. In other words – a single Windows 10 for all devices. In the September’s short…