Android apps for Windows 10 – why not?

Android apps for windows 10

Android apps for Windows 10 – it may sound ridiculous, but it will be the ultimate weapon for Microsoft to storm the mobile world. The worst nightmare for every Windows Phone user is to not have the newest applications. For now the developers are working primarily for Android and/or iOS first. To neutralize this disadvantage Microsoft may have very elegant solution. To bring Android apps for Windows 10. The best…


Apple may introduce smaller iPhone 6C

IPhone 5C and rumored iPhone 6C

Apple may introduce three models of smartphones this year, as it may launch smaller iPhone 6C version this autumn. The news comes from the Taiwanese blog DigiTimes and resurrects an old rumor about the company’s portfolio. The report suggests Apple will release an upgrade to the existing model iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which will become iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. But the tech giant will add a third model…


Microsoft may lock Windows 10 devices for other OSes

Microsoft may lock Windows 10 devices

Microsoft may lock Windows 10 devices which will restrict the users to install other OSes. According to the latest reports the so annoying UEFI secure boot will be permanently enabled in Windows 10 mobile devices and the producers will have a choice if to include this feature in desktops or not. The news leaked out in a hardware conference in Shenzhen, China.In it Microsoft has a presentation about the requirements…


Music labels are pressuring Spotify on freemium model


Music labels are reportedly pressured Spotify on its freemium model. Big publishers like Universal are trying to tighten the rules on the streaming service. According to a report from Financial Times in the last round of contract negotiations the big label is aiming to limit the songs available for the free users. Restricting the freemium model Universal and most of the other big publishers are questioning the freemium model. It…


New Apple TV device will be shown in WWDC

New and old Apple TV device

In World Wide Developers Conference in June Apple may unveil its new Apple TV device. Almost for certain it will not be a full television set which people are expected for so many years. Instead it will be a new version of the current set top boxes. Apple already shred the price of the present generation Apple TV with $30 to $69, after it introduce the new MacBook laptop. Now…


Apple may focus on Augmented reality

Augmented reality

There are some rumors that Apple may focus its next development on Augmented reality. The speculations comes from the notorious Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster in Wednesday. After so many years he insist Apple will make and start selling TV sets. For now his predictions hang in the air. The small team in Cupertino This time Munster focused his speculations about the tech giant plans for the future in a different…


Microsoft will make free Windows 10 upgrade

Free Windows 10 upgrade for everyone

Microsoft announced that will make free Windows 10 upgrade for the owners of the past editions from Windows 7 SP1 above. But now it also confirmed that it will enable this promotion for everyone – including for the users who have pirate versions. Yes, Microsoft will allow people who didn’t pay for their licenses to make free Windows 10 upgrade, after the new OS is released. And it will deliver…


Apple plans to launch own web TV service

Apple TV web TV service

Apple plans to launch own web TV service which may be a prelude to introducing an own television set. The last report from Wall Street Journal points out the company from Cupertino is in intensive talks with media publishers for a scale down service. According to the information the new web TV service will include only about 25 channels. Apple is trying to secure on board big US broadcasters like…


Did Apple invented USB-C on its own

Apple MacBook USB-C

One of the biggest surprise when Apple launch its new MacBook was the fact that in the whole device they were only two ports – the audio jack and a brand new USB-C port. The last one is the a truly universal jack which can be used for power cord and for connecting various devices. This unusual port is object of big scrutiny from the fans. Because there is only…


Unofficial update for Windows 10 Preview leaked


New version of Windows 10 Preview leaked in Internet as Microsoft is struggling to release an official one to the testers. The software company has some problems to fix some bugs and it now is facing delay to fulfill the promise to the developers. Originally Microsoft planned to release a technical preview of its new operating system in January. But testers and developers are frustrated as the software giant is…