Absurd rumor of the week: 3-Sided screen in Galaxy S6


3-sided screen galaxy edgeNo doubt the anticipation of the next model of Samsung Galaxy S6 is enormous and spawn a ton of rumors. The last one is that the new flagship will have two models, one of it will feature a 3-sided screen. The report comes from the leading business news agency Bloomberg.

“Samsung plans to release two new versions of its top-tier Galaxy smartphone next month, including a model with a display covering three sides, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter” – wrote Bloomberg.

OK, what is 3-sided screen. The Russian manufacturer Yota has a phone with a dual displays on the front and back side. So which one will be the third side? Or will be a foldable display as some patents suggest? Tricky question isn’t it.

In the past months there have been numerous rumors regarding the display of Samsung S6. Some suggested it will have curved screen on the edges like Galaxy Note Edge. And the speculations are divided between will it be on the one side or two sides of the device.

Well, the truth behind the 3-sided screen of the next Galaxy S6 is just an another way to describe smartphone with a two edged display. Interesting way to stand out of the crowd. But a little bit misleading. The fist association that most people made after reading a 3-sided screen is more about foldable display, rather than curved.

Because in foldable we can have even parts of the display making a side. In a model with a curved edges only a small part of it is smoothly continue on an angle diminishing the actual side to a extend of the front.

The report of a 3-sided screen for Samsung Galaxy S6 only can open the imagination of the visitors if they doesn’t read the whole article. Luckily we didn’t notice other rumors spawned from misunderstanding the Bloomberg’s report.

But the business news agency add some light to the next Samsung’s flagship smartphone. According to their sources there will be two models of Galaxy S6. The version with traditional screen will be unveiled in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March.

Blomberg usually has good sources so the report for a dual Edged S6 model gives some weight on this rumor against the possibility for only one curved edge.

But there are still a lot of questions. The main one is Bloomberg didn’t say when it will be shown the dual edge version. Will it be in Barcelona or later?

Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce (CC)

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