Absurd rumor of the week: The PlayStation 5


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It is little more than an year after the launch of the latest generations of game consoles and there are already rumors for the next models – like PlayStation 5. Usually this type of devices have very long life cycle – back in the days 1980 and 1990’s it was five years, and in the last generations we have about eight years between the new models.

According to a report from Nikkei, Masayasu Ito, Sony’s executive vice president said there will be definitely a PlayStation 5.

“I think there will be a PlayStation 5”, Ito said quoted by Nikkei.

And this spurred a wave of rumors regarding the next Sony’s console. Some suggested that the console makers will reduce the life cycle of the devices. This means that the next generation will come sooner than we expected. The reasons are the fast outdated hardware and the coming of a new technologies like 4K content and virtual reality.

But there is a big contradiction in Ito’s words. The Sony’s executive vice president also said that “I don’t know what form it’ll have. It could be a physical console, or it could be in the cloud.”

Ito also said that if the form changed, the PlayStaion 5 games will stay.

Those sentences change the whole context. Most of the games now required Internet connection and in some part they are in the cloud already. The fast home broadband could eliminate the physical consumers hardware. Which if it happen will eliminate the consoles as a product. PlayStation 5 will be only a cloud-based service which users will play on the TV or other screens (as we know Sony tries to connect to this service all of its smart devices – handests, tablets and etc.). And the only new console thing that will stay are the games and the game accessories.

So in this sense this rumor very contradicted to its meaning and in this case a little bit absurd. The games stays – the consoles leaves. And if this happens this means the death of the physical consoles. And the death of the traditional PlayStation, not a new PlayStation 5. But still it is a big change and it is hard to say if Sony will take such bold step forward. So we may expect some kind of PlayStation 5, or updated PlayStation 4 in the coming years.

But not in the next two years at least. The business model of the consoles require them to have a long life cycle and to make millions of sale in this time. This is the reason why the PlayStation 4 and XBox One have such good hardware in very low price if we compare it to their PC analogues. But when time goes by they paid for themselves. Sony and Microsoft needs that time if they want to get some profit out of them.

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