Absurd rumor of the week: The spinning iPhone


Spinning iphone cracked screen

Almost every dedicated Apple user has this problem – drop its iPhone on the ground and cracked its screen. But no more! According to the latest patent filled by the company from Cupertino shows it will develop a system that will flip the smartphone in the mid-air to protect the fragile display. In short words – it will develop a spinning iPhone.

The tech behind the spinning iPhone

The idea is to use the sensors in the smartphone like gyroscopes, GPS and even ultrasonic emitter to determine its orientation. After that according to the patent it will use the internal vibration motor to change the angle of the fall in mid-air.

All the information about the position and orientation of the phone will be send to the processor to analyze it and to choose where and how to spin the iPhone using the vibrations to alter its center of gravity.

Will it spin?

The idea sounds great and according to the patent Apple doesn’t need to alter to much of the internals of the device to make a spinning iPhone. The current models iPhone 6 and 6 Plus doesn’t have linear oscillating motors required to perform such a move, but older models did.

And the experts are speculating that this feature will be easily incorporated in the next models. At least from hardware perspective.

So the question is – will it spin? Only if the patent concept works. Apple loves to patent every idea that it have, nevertheless if it has a working technology behind it or it’s just a concept. We are still waiting for the breakthrough tech of combination between LCD screen and e-ink. Apple has a patent for this, but for now we don’t see it realized in actual product.

The cat problem

Also there are some doubts that Apple can easily change the center of the gravity of a smartphone enough to make it spin. Vibrations might be not enough to avoid the fatal fall on screen.

Just as a reminder lets take an example – the cats. Those animals are notorious for that can always fall on their pawns. The reason – they have powerful back and flexible spine which allows them to twist in mid-air. So this is the cat’s secret how they always land on their pawns.

This shows how much effort is needed to reverse a fast flip in mid-air and avoid fatal collision. Will Apple be able to make a spinning iPhone only by using its internal vibrations motor? It is very doubtful and not much plausible that it will achieve it. So unless the company from Cupertino does not change the concept the rumor that the next Apple smartphone might be a spinning iPhone is not sounds possible to make in a real prototype.

Plausibility – 25%

Image Credit: William Hook (CC)

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