Absurd rumor of the week: Transparent iPhone


Some people are still in line to some Apple shop to get their iPhone 6 and we already have rumors for the next one, which may be… transparent. Well in the endless sea of information of the Web there are different types of speculations, some are plausible, others misleading, third – absurd. The report of the transparent iPhone fitted in the last category, but if you dig a little bit you find it a little bid to be part of the second.

So the rumors are, that Apple is preparing iPhone 7, which may be released this year or the early 2015 and some sites are suggesting that it could be transparent. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, the speculations about a launch of a new smartphone are fueled by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who said that the company from Cupertino will have the biggest product release this year in its history. Also the blogs are pointed out that we saw two iPhones last year – the iPhone 5S and 5C. Which “logically” leads to the conclusion that we may see iPhone 7. Well we wouldn’t. Because Apple already released two models – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

But the most intriguing and more absurd part of the rumors is that the new iPhone will be transparent. The wild guessing goes through the fact that Apple already filled such patent in the early 2014 and it boost its sapphire production. According to the reports, the tech giant will use its synthetic sapphire to develop transparent device or at least some parts of it.

Actually the rumor is absurd in its sapphire part and very misleading about the transparency qualities of the iPhone. The mass sapphire production for Apple is halted because its supplier GT Advanced Technologies will wind down its facilities for the new material. This means that we may see limited quantities of sapphire which will be allocated for the Apple Watch. The tech giant actually filled patent for a “concept of transparent mobile device”, but in a little bit different not so literal way. The idea is to develop a software which allows the user to see on the screen whats happening behind the phone via its back camera while he is texting and walking around. This will create “transparent” feeling, but actually will not make the smartphone physically transparent. Also Apple may filled the patent but there are some drawbacks of this concept. The bigger one is that the live feed on the screen will hamper the user to see what he is texting or what someone else is writing to him. So how plausible is to see actual transparent iPhone? In a physical level of transparency – zero chances in the next decade. On a software, partial level – maybe, but don’t count on it.

So watch out for that kind of rumors and make better research what are you find in the Web.

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