Acer maybe prepares a Windows 10 smartphone


Windows 10 smartphone

Acer is one of the companies that maybe prepares a Windows 10 smartphone. Or at least that pointed out the recent rumors. The Taiwanese manufacturer said that it get back to Windows Phone smartphones which will be launched in 2015.  For short time Acer ditched the Microsoft’s mobile OS in favor of Android, but recently it hinted that may reconsider this action.

After Microsoft revealed more details about its new operating system there are suggestions that Acer is preparing Windows 10 smartphones. The main argument is simple – Windows Phone will be dead after the release of the new OS. And it is logical for Acer to get into Windows 10 after one platform will be for all smart devices – from PC’s and tablets to handsets and TV’s.

The upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a very good spot to make such launch. So it seems very convenience – new universal OS, new smartphone and a big arena to be presented.

But all this informations is a very long shot by the bloggers. MWC is in early March which is too close for immediate launches for Windows 10 smartphones and any kind of devices. Microsoft made the Technical and Consumers Previews available last week, but the final product is expected “later 2015” which could be translated into September or October. Before that we can’t expect any commercial launches of any devices based on the new OS.

Also there is a big chances to see a delay for the new platform to be ready for handsets. In Microsoft’s presentation there were some “white spots” especially regarding some apps availability for smartphones. This lead to assumptions that some part of the new universal ecosystem is still under construction.

Acer could shows off a Windows 10 smartphone in Barcelona though. But it will be only a prototype and not a ready for sell product. At least not before Microsoft release officially the new Windows 10. There is another possibility for this rumor to become true – if a handset using Windows Phone will be able to be upgraded to the new version. In this case Acer could shows off a normal smartphone, that has the capability to become Windows 10 smartphone.

Either way Windows 10 smarpthone will not be ready until the official release of the new OS from Microsoft.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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