All Apple rumors put into the blender


In less than 48 hours Apple will have the possibility to change the history of the consumers electronics. Once again. The anticipation is so big, that we have a huge flood of rumors what to expect from the Cupertino’s behemoth¬† in 9th of September. The hype is enormous and it is very hard to separate the more possible from less likely speculation. The reason – it is leaking information from everywhere. Here is some round up of the most rumors and their plausibility.


– Two new iPhones – One thing is certain, in Tuesday Apple will unveil it’s new generation of smartphones. And with almost same precision you can anticipate that there will be two models, and at least one of them will have bigger screen. For now the most plausible leaks shows us a 4.7 inch screen model with A8 processor and NFC chip. But also there is a very big hype about that the second iPhone will have even bigger display – 5.5 inches. The only thing stopping to give it 100% plausibility of those rumors are the Apple’s reluctance to changing sharply the size of the screen of its devices.

Remember iPhone 5? They hardly add one row of icons and give a little upgrade to 4-incehs screen from 3.5-inches display of the older generations of iPhone. So if you have traditional thinking showing off two new with new screen factors is very speculative and not plausible. But in the context of the smartphone market and the fact that Apple needs to change it drastically in this area, the move of having two radically new devices is very logical. That is the way to keep up with the competition. So what is the plausibility? – Two phones – 100%, Two new screen factors – 85%.


– NFC – The leaks are strong with this one too. There is too much information about that Apple will finally put the NFC technology into its smartphones. And will endorse the mobile payments. The signals confirming this rumor comes from different places, including that Disney and Apple already starts to install new payment hardware (based on iBeacons) ahead of the event. Also the leaks for the new iPhone 6 suggest that it will come with NFC chip. We also have other speculations about Apple already signed partnerships in mobile payments with card companies like American Express and Visa and the creation of the virtual Wallet in iOS 8. Plausibility for NFC – 95%


– iWatch – At first the rumors of Apple will show off its first wearable device was only standard speculation which cloud almost half of the events in the past one, one and a half year. But now it is hard to dismiss the claims that the company prepare its way to announce a smartwatch or kind a. We don’t even know if Apple will call it iWatch anyway – it is also a speculation.

But there are a lot of information leak which points out that the company will show off such device. For now the rumors are suggesting that it will have rectangular screen, it is possible to be a flexible OLED display. Also it will have some health and fitness tracking and also will boost NFC payments. There aren’t solid evidences about mass production of it, so it is less plausible to see it on the shelves this year. The possibility to see a new wearable from Apple at 9th of September – 80%, but will the company start to sell it this year – 15%.


– iOS 8 – The new mobile OS is coming at Tuesday – its almost for sure. The iOS 8 will feature support of third party keyboards and a tons of new health API-s like –¬†Health app and HealthKit. Which just fueled the wearable speculations even further. Plausibility – 100%.


– OS X – The update is imminent, also the company released its consumers preview, so nothing to see here. Plausibility – 100%.


– iPad Air 2 and 12.9-inches iPad Pro – The news buzz about the bigger iPad was very strong… before the iWatch and iPhone 6 rumors to fueled up. Usually Apple has separate event for its iPad models, so it is least plausible to see something new in the tablet area. Especially if the company show off a new wearable device. Also the production of the bigger iPad is not even started, so we could not expected to see such tablet at least to the beginning of 2015. Well still there is a new rumor about gold iPad Air 2, but we are not counting on that either.¬† iPad Air 2 plausibility – 20%, iPad Pro – 5%.

Image Credit: Matt Buchanan

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