All Apple Watch rumors in the blender


apple watch rumorsJust hours ahead of the Apple’s event it is time to put all Apple Watch rumors in the blender. The company of Cupertino is expected to unveil its final details about its smartwatch. The main questions now are how much will cost the premium version, what additional functions the device will have and how long will be the battery life.

How much will it cost?

The most certain thing is the starting price of Apple Watch will be $349. It will be the sport version with the most ordinary band with different colors.

After that there are a lot of Apple Watch rumors how much will cost the other two models – the stainless steel and the Edition which will be made by 18-karat gold.

The speculations for the steel version are starting from about $650 up to $2,000. The reason for this big differences is the type of band it will use. There are no details how much each band will cost, but this will be a key factor in the pricing model.

Because it can add up a significantly in the value of the watch.

The rumors are inconsistent in terms of determining the exact price tag of the gold model. The Apple Watch rumors for the 18-karat version vary from $5,000 up to $19,000. The most expensive speculations are for the gold smartwatch itself plus the gold link bracelet.

So the most probable variation for the Apple Watch Edition will be between $2,000 up to $10,000. Also there are rumors for more than a 1 million units for the premium version for the initial shipments. So it is less likely most of them to cost more than a $5,000, because it can bar the sales.

The idea of $19,000 price tag is little bit least plausible, but not impossible. There are premium gold watches for more than $44,000. It will be risky move because there is no guarantee that users of very high-expensive watches will buy the new Apple Watch.

Possibility for an Apple Watch Edition price tag of $5,000 to $10,000 – 75%

Apple Watch Companion

Apple Watch rumors for bands and accessories

So the bands are crucial for the smartwatch and its customization. Apple already unveil some of the bands – the plastic (waterproof) sports one, the leather band, stainless steel bracelet and even gold bracelet. As it was mention, their pricing will be key factor for the whole cost of the device.

But the company from Cupertino didn’t specify prices in its September event. It is possible for some bands to cost significantly more than others.

And also there are rumors for allowing third party bands and bracelets for additional customization.

Plausibility for a third party bands – 65%

The battery life

In the technical aspects the most key factor will be the battery life. Some rumors suggested it will have only few hours of energy when its use most of its sensors and functions. The mixed usage will be up to 19 hours according to the latest Apple Watch rumors for the battery.

Still the question about the real battery life will be unveil at least when the device hit the shelves. The possible release date for the Apple Watch is rumored to be in the first days of April.

The lack of battery endurance is the biggest problems for the wearables to date. And it is doubtful that Apple can fixed this issue for its smartwach.

Possibilities for a small battery life – 75%

The event called “Spring Forward” is scheduled for 10 am. Pacific Time. In it we expect at least for some of the Apple Watch rumors to be confirmed.

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