All the iPad rumors – will they blend


Apple confirms that it will hold a conference at 16th of October and will possible reveal its new iPads. The rumors about new tablets from the tech giant are circling for a months. Even some people mistakenly thought that the company would reveal the new iPads alongside with the iPhone 6. Nevertheless we have second event which presumably will be focused more on Apple’s tablets and Mac computers. Will the speculations survive the Rumors Blender? Lets find out now and check back later this week. We present you the iPad rumors.


– Almost for certain Apple will unveil at least two models – updated versions of the current iPad Air and iPad Mini. And there is a reason for that – the company doesn’t refurbished its tablet line for some time. Plausibility for the iPad Air- 95%, for iPad Mini – 85%.


– The rumored expectations from the iPad Air 2 are that it will be thinner than the previous model. Speculations are about 0.5 mm with the Apple’s history and determination for making slim devices this sounds very plausible – 90%


– iPad Air 2 will have better and sharper screen. Also a viable and plausible upgrade is to have better display. Analysts projected to have 30% to 40% more pixels than the current model. Plausibility 90%


– The new device may empower the new 64-bit A8 CPU which is used in the new iPhone 6. Its expected that Apple will return to its practice to used its chip for smartphones. The rumors from couple of weeks are for A8X. This has some plausibility 90%


– Apple may upgrade the front and back cameras. The current models has 5-megapixels front and 1.2-megapixels back camera. The projections are buff to 8 and 2-megapixels respectively. Which are in line to the competitions models so this rumor is very plausible – 90%.


– Another possible upgrade is the integration of the Touch ID into the Home button. The fingerprint scanner is now in the center of the Apple’s service for electronic payments – Apple Pay. So after the iPhones now it is very possible to have this feature in the iPads and even i the both models. This way Apple will have more devices which consumers may use or the new service. Plausibility – 90%.


– There will be gold models. The gold version are now in common for the iPhones and for some time there is a rumor that suggests the tablets will have it too. Some speculations points out that this will be available only for the iPad Mini, but now there are reports that the iPad Air 2 may have it to. Plausibility – 85% for the iPad Mini at least.


– The new tablets will have some small design changes – like only one row of speakers in the bottom. Well the reports are based on some leaked photos. So plausibility – 80%.


– Apple will ditch 16GB version. This is interesting, because this means that the company will drop out the more cheaper models. Also in the last year the competition went to 32GB and more storage for their tablets. So this is plausible – 80%.


– Apple will announce iPad Pro or bigger version with 12.9 inches screen. This rumor circling for almost year and even now the speculations are that the company only may show off such device, but it wouldn’t sell it until the next 2015. There are no hard evidence, but we hear this rumor consistently and there are some plausibility – 50%.


– New line of Mac computers and laptops and the long waited debut of the new operating system OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Nevertheless that the rumors in the blender are focused more on the tablets, we have to believe that Apple will reveal some new stuff for its computer line. It has done this before so plausibility – 75%.

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