AMD is preparing its own ARM tablet


AMD already reveal its 64-bit ARM-based chips in January, but the company is set to release its own tablets in late 2015. At least these are the latest reports. Until now the information was that the chipmaker will produce ARM-based CPU for servers as a low-power alternative to x86 architecture. The first so called Seattle chips for servers are planned to hit the market to the end of the year. But obviously AMD is planning to introduce similar processors for tablets.

According Taiwanese site DigiTimes there is a rumor, that the company develops chip code-named Amur. Quoting sources in Taiwan’s supply chain, DigiTimes adds that the new chip is now undergoing “internal testing”. It is scheduled for ARM tablet launch in the third quarter of 2015. The report suggest that it will be heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) compatible with Android and based on the ARM Cortex-A57.

The mention platform will be the same as the 64-bit ARM v8 core that powers Seattle chipset. It will have shared building blocks which means that it will support AMD’s GCN graphics architecture.

If AMD is going for tablet based ARM processor that means, the company will face tough competition from Qualcomm and nVidia. Those competitors are now rule the ARM world in terms of tablets and smartphones. What is the incentive for AMD to join such hard race? Well the answer is Intel. The leader chipmaker and AMD’s arch rival in x86 architecture is entrenched itself in this segment, but he is losing the battle with ARM in the mobile space. And for now mobile is the place with bigger growth.

This means that there is a lot of plausibility in this rumor. AMD will supply the market with ARM chips for servers to the end of the year and this for us is only the first step. Next one is to create own processor for mobile devices and tablets sounds logical. We give it 65% chance.

Image credit: Vernon Chan

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