AMD may announce new graphic card


AMD it looks like it will announce a new graphic card in 25th of September. The company already started a new advertisement campaign labeled “No pills required”. The add is making reference to “The Matrix” movies, which the main hero choose the red or blue pill if he want to come back to reality. All this is coming just few days after nVidia shows off its new generation of Maxwell graphic cards – which include the GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970. Now AMD will gear up and heat up the competition.

The rumor is mainly come from Twitter, where first AMD’s Roy Taylor send this tweet: “Winston Churchill loved men who grinned when fighting. AMD relishes competition. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” with nVidia and AMD hashtags. Also on AMD’s India Twitter page it was looked like that the company will have special event on 25th of September.

What exactly AMD will reveal is not yet confirmed. It might be either a new CPU or GPU, or something else. Actually this is not the first AMD’s “pill” campaign. There were pills when the company reveal HD 7770 GHz graphics card long time ago. Last October they unveil the new Radeon R7 and R9 series  and it will be year when AMD shows off new products. So it is very plausible to see something new from the graphic card company. Especially when their main rival nVidia already showed us what it has for the market.

But the question remains – what exactly AMD is preparing for us? Updated Radeon R9 and R7 models or entirely new chipset? There are some suggestions that it might be not related to the GPU’s at all. But because nVidia’s recent launches it is doubtful. So prepare your PC and wallet for an upgrade – it is time for the new GPU’s.

Image Credit: Vernon Chan

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