Android apps for Windows 10 – why not?


Android apps for windwos 10Android apps for Windows 10 – it may sound ridiculous, but it will be the ultimate weapon for Microsoft to storm the mobile world. The worst nightmare for every Windows Phone user is to not have the newest applications. For now the developers are working primarily for Android and/or iOS first.

To neutralize this disadvantage Microsoft may have very elegant solution. To bring Android apps for Windows 10. The best way to achieve it is to use a special emulator.

The rumors about Microsoft is testing Android apps for Windows 10 are starting to intensify in the last few days. According to the Neowin the possibilities of the new emulator will be vast.

It can run most of the apps without any problems and with full functionality. And this will not required any modification for the programs. Also it can provide with active Google Play account.

The reason why Microsoft didn’t provide any official information about this project was concerns in the company that it may lead to legal issues with Google. If the software giant release native Android apss for Windows 10 without requirements for any kind of modifications, the Internet company may be not satisfied with that and take the case into court.

The other thing that keeping Microsoft for revealing the project is the fear that the developers may decide to further abandon the fragile mobile platform. So the software ecosystem which the company from Redmond is trying to create will fall apart.

This is not the first time to see Android apps for Windows. Nokia tested the market with its Nokia X and XL smartphones in which combines Windows Phone environment and Android applications.

The devices were released just weeks before the deal between Microsoft and the Finnish company took full effect. After the mobile division of Nokia blended into the software giant, the Xproject wast terminated. The small differences between Nokia’s last minute venture and Microsoft’s effort is that, the Finnish phonemaker didn’t own the OS, it more marketed it as a combining Android software with Windows experience. But the X wasn’t Windows Phone device.

Now Google may retaliate if Microsoft releases Android apps for Windows 10. Actually because of a patent dispute now for every Android smarpthone the software company gets some royalties. Google will watch closely if Microsoft make a mistake and will act to defend its products.

But bringing Android apps for Windows 10 will make the mobile Windows devices very attractive and will boost sales significantly. Those rumors are very plausible if the software company think for some solution it will be a very big step forward a truly unified ecossytem.

Plausibility for releasing Android apps for Windows 10 – 65%

Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns (CC)

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