Android One phone may debut at 15 september


Just couple of months after the project for light Android One OS emerges at Google I/O conference and now it is possible that the new operation system will make its debut in India on 15th of September. Then will be the upcoming event of the Internet giant. The rumors are that during the conference Google will show a new device which will hit the Indian market just after it will be announce.

The bad news is that the rumors are suggesting that the new Android One smartphone will be more expensive than 100 dollars. In June Google announced that the devices will be sell under the hundred bill threshold. The new smartphone is expected to hit the market sometime in October, but previous reports hints out that is possible for potential debut one month earlier.

The new rumors are that the budget device manufactures like Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice are preparing new phones based on Android One for early September. The bad news is that the price will be more spicy – they will cost between 115 to 165 dollars range. Which is considerably above the announced in June “bellow 100 dollars” tag. Sources of the online blog pointed out that the price increase is because of Google’s demands for additional hardware and better applications.

The 100 dollar price tag is very important for developing markets such as India. Tech companies are trying to get growth in the vast untapped consumer base in the country. But the ordinary Indians are very price sensitive. It is very important for the manufactures and tech giants to have cheaper as possible devices if they want to succeed in this big market.

Plausibility of the rumor? When you have big event in India it is very possible to see some cheaper devices and Google would not make one without some market debut. And the company definitely hinted out for such move. So the short answer is “Maybe Yes!”, but it will be a little disappointing if Google delays the cheaper than 100 dollars smartphones.

Image credit: Pittaya Sroilong

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