Android Wear 2.0 is coming soon


The latest rumors in the blender are that Google is planning to update its operating system for wearables and the new version may be named Android Wear 2.0. Speculations are that the Internet giant is preparing to unveil it in Wednesday’s event which all are expecting the new Nexus devices. The Android Wear 2.0 is not the official name of the release, but it will be the first significant update of the new wearable platform.

It will include changes that has to improve the API, support for Bluetooth headsets, GPS capabilities and others. The current version allows the user to connect the wearable, which mostly is a smartwatch, to an Android smartphone. After that the consumer can respond to messages, SMS, emails and calls using the voice feature Google Now via its wearable. Also the first Android Wear give the capability to monitor the users step count and heart rate.

The new version possible named Android Wear 2.0 will also include all this features, but it will expand them a little bit. The rumors suggests that the updated platform will have new API, that it will allow bigger customization from the developers. Now the software engineers could modify every single piece and pixel on the smartwatch’s tiny display.

Android Wear 2.0 will expand its GPS capabilities and now it will allow to use the positioning system to be used for sports and fitness activities such as running, jogging and others. The GPS support will be useful to pinpoint the location from start to end of a track, measuring the running distance and other things.

The latest reports suggests that Google will release the new version in Wednesday (15th of October) when its expected to show off the new Nexus smartphone and possible a new Nexus tablet. Also the rumors points that this will be the debut of the updated Android L version, plausible named Lion.

It’s logical step for Google to refurbish the Android Wear, because Apple and the other tech giants are pushing aggressively into the wearable space and introducing their own platforms. Samsung start to sell own smartwatches with its homebrew Tizen OS and there are rumors that LG is working to implement WebOS to its wearables.

But will Google risk to unveil so much stuff tomorrow? We already have a smartphone Nexus 6, tablet Nexus 9 and the update Android L in the rumors blender?

So the plausibility score is 65%

 Image credit (CC): Maurizio Pesce

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