Android Wear got its update


Google make an update to Android Wear after releasing its new smartphones. This confirms earlier rumors that the newer version of the wearable mobile OS of the Internet giant it’s on the way. The speculations were wrong about the name – Google didn’t call it Android Wear 2.0, some of the reasons are that the update wasn’t that radical.

The first ability that the smartwatch owners with Android Gear gets is the option to hide cards preview and leave the main “watch” screen clean. The idea is that people don’t want to see notification cards every time they look down. They want to see the traditional watch layout and to have option to review the incoming notifications. This is perfect to users who want to use the new wearable device as watch and to have the smart capabilities “hidden” behind the traditional watch face. In other words they want to see the time first and the notifications – only if they want to see them.

This is actually the biggest change in the new version of Android Wear. Some other stuffs is smart battery – when the remaining power is 15% the watch automatically turns off the ambient mode. This improves a little bit battery performance. Google added more precise and more often time checks to ensure more accurate time. The update of Android Wear also gives more adaptive lightning in tone of the surroundings while charging. And we have some improvements to pave the way for possible Bluletooth connectivity to switch your headphones into the device. Google also cleaned out some other bugs to improve overall performance.

Android Wear also will have GPS capabilities. And the first smartwatch that will use thel will be Sony’s SmartWatch 3 which will be released soon and will have GPS sensor.

The rumor for improved API for Android Wear is busted for now, but we may see it soon from Google. The update will be rolled out for the smartwatches Motorola’s Moto 360, LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live. After that Sony’s SmartWatch 3 will be added to the list.

Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce

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