Apple Car – is it possible or not


Apple Car StoreTwo buzz words are circling in the Web right now – Apple Car. Just weeks before the launch of the first new class device from the era of the first iPad – the smartwatch – speculations are risen that Apple is reading to assault new boundaries. It is time for the automotive industry. Or at least the recent rumors are suggesting this scenario.

The rumors began just a week ago. When a residents in San Francisco saw a strange blue mini vans equipped with cameras and radars to craw the streets. Those vehicles are belonging to Apple and those sparked the speculations that the company from Cupertino is preparing either an autonomous car or is photographed the streets for a service like Google Street View.

Rumors just got serious

But the stakes are risen, after several reports for a project code-named Titan. This is a secret endeavor for creating an electric vehicle to challenge Tesla. According to those reports Apple already has a team of few hundred (up to 1 000) employees working on it, lead by some veterans from the automotive industry. The alleged leading manager of the Titan project is Steve Zadesky – a former Ford engineer, who also lead teams involved in the development of the iPhone and the iPod. Apple last year hired two leading people from the auto industry – the former president and chief executive of Mercedes-Benz R&D North America Johann Jungwirth and industrial designer Marc Newson.

The tech giant from Cupertino is also in talks with premium car manufacturers like Magna International’s Magna Steyr unit. All this rumors came from big and respectful news outlets like WSJ . Most of the reports are made by information from internal sources. So definitely Apple is cooking something big in the car industry, but still the details are vague.

How viable is the Apple Car?

There different possibilities for the Apple Car or what is hidden behind Project Titan. The topic is vast and we will review it a little bit later.

But how viable is this information that the tech giant from Cupertino is aiming in the automotive industry? The reports are serious and they pointed out that Apple is putting very big efforts into this.

First of all – getting into the automotive industry is harder than going to the smartwatch segment or even the smartphones. You need partners, very good and powerful ones who can back you with this. Tesla is a an exception and there is possibility for Apple to seek this result – to create its own vehicle, with minor help from outside.

And maybe the Tesla is the reason for the company of Cupertino to make this effort. There were rumors for talks between the two companies for eventual merger or partnership. Those speculations evaporate and it is possible this to lead to rift between Apple and Tesla. In the last months there are information that Tesla is stealing Apple’s engineers. The story behind may be is greater and suggest intense competition.

The theory for the Apple Car is backed by the fact that there are two technology segments which are not fully utilized by the new mobile and connected advancements. The first one is the TV and the second – the car industry. There are rumors for Apple’s efforts to revolutionize the television, but for now there are no big achievements. Except the set-top box Apple TV, which is not something extraordinary. The automotive industry is lucrative one, but also hard to hit.

Apple Car is possible response for everyone which thinks the company from Cupertino is not innovative anymore.

But if the Apple Car is a real thing – nevertheless if we are talking to traditional petrol one, electric or autonomous vehicle – we may not see it in the next few years. If we ever see a final product it will be at least three to five years from now.

Possibility for Apple Car – 60%

Image Credit: Pasu Au Yeung 

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