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In the first days of December Apple filled another stylus patent and tech blogs gone crazy because Steve Jobs disliked this type of accessory in the past. And now the tech giant maybe will start to make it.  At the presentation of the original iPhone in 2007 Jobs famously said that “Nobody wants a stylus”. After that in 2010 he repeated its neglect to the device “If you see a stylus – they blew it”.

The first quote is about how the stylus wasn’t suitable for an input device for a smartphone and the second one is about using the same accessory for a tablet. This means that Steve Jobs was absolutely against this typo of gadgets.

But the new management seems it doesn’t think that way. Apple filled its 10th patent for stylus this year which bring up the IP documents that the company holds to 32. This is an impressive number and definitely means the the tech giant is cooking something and has plans for stylus or some kind of a smart pen.

Apple’s design isn’t something complicated or innovative – it just filled a patent for a device or pen that can point at a screen. There are two problems about the stylus. First there are tons of them from third-party developers available at the stores for the i-products. And second – Apple filled a lot of patents most of them never see a real production or applied to a device. And we may never see a stylus from the tech company from Cupertino at all.

But also there are some positive signs that we may actually see such accessory from Apple. Especially if the tech giant wants to push harder to the enterprise market. For this it needs a bigger tablet (already rumored for multiple times) and stylus. Like Microsoft’s Surface Pro does one. The advantage of the stylus is that the user can make more precise actions on the screen without hooking a mouse or using its fingers. But as Steve Jobs said in 2007 – they are easy to loose.

Plausibility – 40%

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