Apple iPhone 7 rumors: or iPhone 6S?


In the past few weeks there was a real flood of rumors about Apple iPhone 7 and what kind of features will it have. And this speculation fest comes less then a month after the release of the iPhone 6. RumorBlender waited for some time to accumulate more rumors in the Web and to put as many of them into the blender. Because they started to pile up we are preparing a series of articles focused on different aspects of the possible next Apple’s smartphone.

Most rumors for the next smartphone from Apple comes with the conception that the name of the new device will be iPhone 7. But for now the company from Cupertino sticks with the same order for its handsets and called it iPhone 6S?

The tech giant releases a main model like iPhone 4 and 5, and year later it reveals an upgraded version – or so called S model. This is the case from iPhone 3 till now.

At first glance – iPhone 6S

So its sounds logical for Apple and people from the tech world the next smartphone from the company to be called iPhone 6S. But only a few speculations are refereed to this name and most of them skip the S version and jump into the 7 model.

Using iPhone 6S will be vital only if the next Apple’s smartphone features small updates and minor changes. In design perspective there were no differences between 4 and 4S and between 5 and 5S. Only little hardware improvements were introduced.

But on a second thought

But there are a lot of rumors about huge camera jump and 3D display which are not so minor for just an adding a S letter to the current models. So it is plausible that we may see a change in the naming policy of Apple.

Also at least for now the indications are that the two form factor will remain. So we will have a bigger phablet model. And it will be a little bit complicated name to have iPhone 6S Pro. Apple loves simplicity in its naming policy so if the company retains the Pro version it may skip the S naming and go straightforward to the iPhone 7.


iPhone 6S – 40%

iPhone 7 – 60%

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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