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It has been only few months after Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the Web was flooded with iPhone 7 rumors. Will it be a minor upgrade bearing the 6S name or a completely new model with a ton of new features – all this questions rose in the past couple of weeks.

Here we make a round up of the most interesting and even absurd rumors about the possible next smartphone from Apple.

What will it be – iPhone 6S or iPhone 7?

If Apple follows its tradition for naming its smartphones it is very likely the next model to be iPhone 6S. And this is the reason why most of the most recent rumors come with the same presumption. But there are lot of speculations which indicates that the new iPhone could have very big leaps in some certain areas.

Because of the changes Apple might to decide to name the next model iPhone 7. Especially if the company change the design of the handset. But for now there are no indications that the tech giant is planning such things.

The iPhone Mini

One of the mot intensifying iPhone 7 rumor is that Apple may expand its current portfolio to whole three models – the normal 4.7-inches, the bigger Pro and the smaller Mini. The last one will be a possible Apple’s return to the 4-inches screen form factor.

The idea is to have a smaller and eventually a cheaper iPhone 7. But Apple is reluctant to enter the more budget or mid-range area with a new devices. This is why this iPhone 7 rumor is very speculative for now.

Say “Cheese”

When we talk about iPhone 7 rumors or some other Apple’s products we need to expect something interesting to be changed. One of the technical aspects is regarding the smartphone’s camera.

Instead of making a slight upgrade of the camera like adding a lenses or tweaking the software, the company from Cupertino planned to install a totally different sensor into the next iPhone 7. The new camera could achieve DSLR capabilites, which will make it even with Nokia and Sony’s cameras. The new iPhone 7 rumors suggested it might be a 21MP sensor.

Sapphire screen or not?

This was the question for iPhone 6, but Apple failed to deliver a sapphire screen, because of the closed production of its bankrupted supplier. Now is expected that the tech giant to push the procurement of the precious mineral for its Apple Watch and to introduce it in its next smartphone. And this is why it is in the center of the next wave of iPhone 7 rumors.

It will be to fix a busted rumor and to make the iPhone 7’s screen more hardened and crack-proof.

The 3D screen

Some reports suggested Apple is looking to employ a glasses-free 3D screen which to integrate in the next iPhone 7.  Also the tech giant from Cupertino has some patents regards toward a making 3D software and hardware which fuels the rumors.

This will give Apple a big edge against the competition, but also poses some risks and may rise the cost of the devices.

Some absurd iPhone 7 rumors

Not all of the speculations about the next Apple’s smartphone are plausible. There are also some absurd iPhone 7 rumors.

The most unbelievable one is the spinning iPhone. The company from Cupertino filled a patent for a system that will flip the smartphone in the mid-air to protect the fragile display. The idea is to use the sensors in the smartphone like gyroscopes, GPS and even ultrasonic emitter to determine its orientation. After that according to the patent it will use the internal vibration motor to change the angle of the fall in mid-air.

The second very unlikely speculation is for a “transparent” iPhone 7. Actually this is a very good example of exaggerated reports. It is a patent that suggests that Apple is about to develop a software which allows the user to see on the screen whats happening behind the phone via its back camera while he is texting and walking around. This will create “transparent” feeling, but actually will not make the smartphone physically transparent.

So those are the most interesting iPhone 7 rumors.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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