Apple iPhone 7 rumors: The sapphire screen


The rumors about that Apple will introduce a sapphire screen for its next iPhone 7 reemerged after the bankruptcy of the GT Advanced Technologies and the demise of their synthetic sapphire factory.

According to the new rumors one of the biggest Apple’s subcontractors – the Taiwanese Foxconn – is setting a facility in Zhengzhou that will eventually produce sapphire displays for the next-generation iPhone models.

This fueled up a new wave of rumors that the next iPhone 7 will have a new sapphire screen.

The benefits of the sapphire screen

The idea of the company from Cupertino is to fix the biggest drawback of its smartphones – their screens are very easy to crack. Even with a case the if you drop your iPhone there is a very big chance to ruin its display.

The initial rumors were that Apple will introduce the new type of screen using synthetic sapphire in its new iPhone 6 devices.

The sapphire is very hard and durable material and its synthetic version is already used in some consumers goods like watches for an example.

The tech giant signed a contract with GT to build a factory for the new material. But the subcontractor filled a bankruptcy files in October and in Wall Street Journal’s investigation it makes clear that the sapphire were noway near for mass production.

This was the main reason why the sapphire screen rumor was busted in the iPhone 6 debut. And also represent a big drawback for Apple because there are no other companies which can make a synthetic sapphire with the quantities needed for the company to make a smartphone display from it.

Apple Watch and/or iPhone 7

If the speculations are true and Foxconn will become a large sapphire producer this isn’t mean that Apple will have the hardened material for the next iPhone 7.

The tech giant also will introduce to the market its Apple Watch – a smart wearable – which also will feature a sapphire screen. So the Cupertino based company definitely needs the new material as fast as possible.

It is too early to say if Apple acquired enough sapphire for the iPhone. At least the company is looking first to ensure the supply needed for the smartwatch production and after that we may see the same thing for the smartphone.

But this feature will be a real killer for the next model iPhone, so it is very plausible for Apple to making this move.

Plausibility for a iPhone 7 with a sapphire screen: 65%

Image Credit: Omar Jordan Fawahl (CC)

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