Apple is preaparing two new events to the end of 2014


The rain of Apple’s products from Septembers event was not enough and the company from Cupertino is preparing new launches in the coming months – which not surprisingly will include new iPads and possibly new iMacs. First will be the new models of tablets which will be revealed in mid-October. The rumor is coming from Bloomberg and it’s very plausible because it follows the Apple’s pattern – iPhones and iPads has different autumn events.

But there is a slight difference this time. Last year we had one event for the iPhones and one for the iPads and Macs. According other information there will be two new events – the Macs will have their time in the spotlight. Apple is planning separate press conference for its desktop computers and laptops which will be held in 20th of November.

What we “know” about the events? Well there are a plenty of rumors. Especially for the iPad. Before the 9th of September event there were speculations for the new iPad Air 2, new Mini version and even bigger tablets with “Pro” capabilities and 13-inch screen. And some of them maybe come in gold color, like the iPhones. Well the new rumors are similar. They suggest that we will see iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 versions. The normal 9.7 inch tablet will have “Retina” display and A8 processor, iOS 8 operating system, 8MP main camera, 1.5MP front camera. The interesting part? Speculations pointed out that will include fingerprint sensor, but there are no info about NFC chip… yet. In typical Apple style it will be slimmer and lighter. Rumors suggested that the iPad Air 2 is already in production lines. Its smaller brother – iPad Mini 3 – also will get Touch ID integration and iOS8 upgrade. Also both tablets will have new anti-coating reflection in the screen, so to be more visible in sunlight. The gold option is still open, the rumors are suggesting that the Mini will get it’s new clothes.

The speculation that there will be separate event for the Macintosh universe is a little bit odd, but possible. If Apple has too much to show us with its new iPads and also has a lot of Macs there is logic to make two events. But only if you have what to show and impress the crowd. According to the new information Apples does. For the Macs – 20th of November will be debut of the new Mac Mini, which last model is almost two years old. The new 2014 model will have new Intel’s Haswell chip, integrated Iris graphics and 1TB HDD. It’s speculated that Apple will tweak a little bit the design of the devices. But there will be no price changes – for Mac Mini with dual core it will be priced at 599 dollars, the quad core – 799$.

Also it is expected that the company will release the new operating system – OS X Yosemite. But the information is that Apple will do this during October’s event. If we have two press conferences is more logical to leave it for the Mac’s event. Well this is the only contradiction to the rumor mill for now. The October’s event is almost 100% certain, but will it cover only the iPads or will include the Macs? This is 50-50 chance to see a second press conference in late November. The rumors are sounded pretty plausible for the tablets right now and there are no new info about bigger iPads so maybe we need to wait until next year for them.

Image Credit: Matt Buchanan

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