Apple is preparing iPod Touch 6G


Apple iPod Touch 6GApple is preparing the next generation iPod Touch 6G are suggesting the last round of rumors. Still there are not enough details about this device and for now the information is little bit speculative, but it is an interesting unofficial news.

According to a various news outlets the new iPod Touch 6G will resemble much of the hardware of the current models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is rumored that it will have two form factor screen and possible polycarbonate casing.

This means 4.7 and 5.5-inches screen and powerful internal hardware. Still a lot of people are not convinced that Apple will mimic the iPhone evolution withs its iPod upgrade. And they are betting more for a traditional 4 inches screen and a little bit less powerful internal options. Still there are no hard evidence confirming one of the hypothesis.

Larger screen is easier to consume content, browse the Web and watch movies. And since iPod is moving from a music player to more entertainment device it is possible for Apple to buff up the display size.

The rumor that iPod Touch 6G will use polycarbonate casing sounds more intriguing. With it Apple can push the price of the device and it will not sell it as expensive as an iPhone 6 is. Also the plastic case gives more colorful options for the back like in the iPhone 5C.

There are problems with the speculations for a iPod Touch 6G. The reason is that Apple didn’t announce a new model music player for almost two years. The company skip the iPod line in the last September and focused more heavily on the iPhone 6.

There are calls for the imminent death of the music players after the smartphones nearly obliterate this category with its versatility. The lack of presenting new products and the fact that iPod sales are not going very well in the last quarters fueled the speculations that Apple may silently to pull the plug of its iconic music player.

The only reason for launching a new iPod Touch 6G is the fact that Sony presented its new music player – NW-ZX1 during CES in Las Vegas. But it looks more like a compact player rather than a more universal device such is the iPod in the moment.

Nevertheless the rumors for iPod Touch 6G are interesting, but they don’t have a solid ground at the moment.

Plausibility for a new iPod Touch 6G – 50%

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