Apple is testing pink iPhone and Force Touch


Pink iPhone

A fresh new batch of rumors about how Apple is preparing its next model smartphone surfaced in the past days, and they includes the possibility for a pink iPhone and introducing the Force Touch into it.

The later sounds logical, after the tech giant included the new pressure sense technology into its new 12-inch MacBook laptop. Force Touch was introduced first for the Apple Watch, and can detect how hard the user is pressing the small screen. This allows additional interface options.

In the MacBook it is integrated into the trackpad and the technology can be use as alternative mouse click and other features. So this rumor sounds very plausible especially if doesn’t weight too much of the price of the iPhone.

The other speculations that Apple may introduce pink iPhone are a little bit more interesting. At first glance sounds a good nomination for the “Absurd rumor of the week” section.

But after Apple introduced a gold painting model for the MacBook it looks like the company will focus extensively on a new “fashion” tricks to gain attention. So it wouldn’t be surprise if the tech giant from Cupertino experiment with other colors.

Still a pink iPhone looks ridiculous as a choice for a company which targets serious users, especially corporate ones. But the same doubts were voiced over for the rumors that Apple is planning a gold painted iPhones. The company released such variants from iPhone 5S and continue the tradition with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

And not to forget the pink iPhone 6S will not be the first one with this color. Apple released the iPhone 5C with pink option.

If the company from Cupertino keep its product schedule from the past couple of years, the new smartphone will be reveal in the autumn. Till then it can decided to scrap the pink iPhone and stick to the current space gray, silver and gold versions of the handset.

Also the new wave of rumors suggested Apple will stick to the current overall design of the iPhone 6 and there will be no changes to the screen sizes – 4.7 and 5.5-inches. Also the mass production of the new device will start in May.

Plausibility for a pink iPhone – 50%

Plausibility for a Force Touch for iPhone – 65%

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