Apple iWatch rumors roundup


For years there are rumors about the Apple iWatch- the smartwatch that Apple is preparing for the market. It reportedly will be named Apple iWatch and the first information about it, surfaced in the late 2012. But this time we got a lot of news buzz about the new i-device. Mainly because it will be the new category product for the company which more and more heavily relies on iPhone business. And second – because other smart watch failed for now to catch the consumers hearts.

Reportedly it will make good use of Apple’s health and fitness platform – HealthKit. Also it will have the possibility to use HomeKit – the company’s framework solution for remotely controlling other connected devices in the vicinity. This will be handy – just imagine to lay music from your iPod or iPhone connected to the docking stations. Or changing the program of your AppleTV. It will be great, right? Well in the las information it will cost up to 400 dollars, which is a little bit spicy for such device.

However we always get only small hints about the possibility of getting such device instead an official revealing. The Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said in an interview in the D11 digital conference in the spring 2013 that “the wrist is interesting”, which for many peoples indicates that the company works on a wearable device. Well maybe 9th of September is the right time for it. There are a lot of rumors and a lot of tech blogs which are “certain” that the new smart watch is coming. Usually the company gives some hints in its invitations for the new products that will be unveil.

But now we have only the date, the Apple’s logo and teasingly“Wish we could say more” – which could mean anything. So we don’t dismiss this rumor, also there are not so strong evidences that Apple will unveil such device.

But it is possible that the company will not reveal the Apple iWatch just yet. The rumors are that the new smart watch will hit the market in early 2015. Because Apple just loves to show off their products and just of matter of days and sometimes in of matter of hours to hit the stores we are betting that the early 2015 is more plausible for revealing it. There is a tiny bit of chance Apple to reveal such a device at its key September event. The original iPhone was revealed six months before it hit the shelves, but don’t forget that was 2007 and now it is 2014.

Image credit: Brett Jordan

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