Apple may be working on a gaming headset

Apple may be working on a gaming headset
Image credit: USPTO

Apple is often working on various devices that rarely see the light of day. This time a new gaming headset made by Apple has been actually patented.

The Cupertino-based company has been granted a patent for a headset with a built-in microphone. Judging by the design of the sketches, the new gadget seems like aimed for gaming or at least heavy users.

It is a bit surprising to see Apple spending time on a headset, let alone a gaming one. AppleInsider reports that the designers of the gadget are Robert Brunner and Christopher Kuh who work for a studio called Ammunition. They have actually made the first line of Beats Solo headphone and over the years have designed several of Beats’ products.

So does this mean that the headset is more for music? Not quite. It has a protruding microphone on one side and he overall ergonomic design is made for prolonged wearing – exactly what gamers need. And in fact the official patent approval clearly states that this is in fact a gaming headset.

Image credit: USPTO

Apple hasn’t been particularly active in the world of gaming products. Actually it hasn’t paid any attention to it, ever.

This may still be the case. The application for the patent was filed back in May 2014, just two weeks before Apple announced that it is buying Beats for $3 billion.

So will Apple turn the patent into a reality? To be honest, we doubt it. Apple is not the company that likes to expand in other segments without having a device that tries to disrupt them. From the patent for the gaming headset, which notably lacks any technical information, it doesn’t seem like this gadget would take the gaming and multimedia industry by storm.

But, as AppleInsider, points out, Beats is still a separate entity and even being owned by Apple, it still has some freedom in the way it operates. So Cupertino maybe, just maybe will allow this headset to become a reality.

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