Apple may delay the larger iPad Pro


Larger iPad ProApple may delay the production for the larger iPad Pro. In the past few weeks alongside the expected smartwatch debut the rumor mill is increasingly active for the possible new tablet.

The initial speculations were, that Apple will start manufacturing the device this quarter. But according to the latest report from Bloomberg the company from Cupertino may delay the manufacturing of the device to September.

The main reason for an almost half an year over schedule is involving the supply of the new 12.9-inches screens for the larger iPad Pro.

The current manufacturers of display panels for Apple includes LG, Sharp and Japan Display. Still the exact reason for the delay is unknown or which subcontractor is involved. It could be production problems, not enough supply for components or something else.

Apple wants improve iPad sales and to achieve this is trying to enter the corporate market, but for now without success. To lure companies to buy its tablets the tech giant needs a bigger and more multi-functional device. Which can have a lot of productivity and business software available for it.

Apple already has a deal with IBM for producing more practical applications. But it will not be enough. From at least half an year rumors suggested that the company from Cupertino will introduce larger iPad Pro, which will be aimed for the business. It allegedly will have 12.9-inches screen. The reason for bigger display is because the companies are searching not only for tablet, but also a substitute for compact laptops.

Microsoft already started to adopt this strategy with the latest Surface Pro 3. It has bigger 12-inches display and the software giant advertise it as a full fledged laptop with tablet capabilities.

Larger iPad Pro will be only one aspect of such strategy. Apple will be needed a compact and sleek physical keyboard which could be easily attached or detached. It boosts productivity which is the key factor in the corporate world.

The production delay also means that he larger iPad Pro may hit the shelves in October if the production starts in September. Apple usually needs up to two months to boost its inventory before to release new product.

Possibilities for a delayed production for larger iPad Pro – 75%

Possibilities for a October release of larger iPad Pro – 65%

Image credit: Yutaka Tsutano (CC)

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