Apple may focus on Augmented reality


Augmented realityThere are some rumors that Apple may focus its next development on Augmented reality. The speculations comes from the notorious Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster in Wednesday. After so many years he insist Apple will make and start selling TV sets. For now his predictions hang in the air.

The small team in Cupertino

This time Munster focused his speculations about the tech giant plans for the future in a different technology. According to him, now Apple has a small team focused on developing and exploring the possibilities headset for Augmented reality.

Munster also suggested that this might include software applications which can display different information in the user’s field of vision. Data like traffic, navigation directions, retail sales and promotions and other information.

Munster thinks that Augmented reality is likely 10 years from mass adoption and he believes that it can be powerful tool, as is the smartphone today.

The race for Augmented reality

But it sounds very familiar. Google Glass relies on similar technology, but it is more Head up Display with AR capabilities. Microsoft’s HoloLens took it to another level, but it has a long way before reach the market.

Augmented reality is different from the Virtual reality. It doesn’t uses big displays mounted on a helmet which “dive” you in the digital world. Augmented reality relies to add digital images on top of the real environment. It is like a digital layer of the normal things.

Imagine to enter a shop with some eye wear with Augmented reality. Take a t-shirt or pullover and instead of searching for the price tag you will get it a digital one as on top of the clothes with its size. It also may contain additional information like promotions or special offers.

Augmented reality opens a big variety of options especially with the dawn of the Internet of things.

The possible scenario

Munster’s information is based on “sources from the virtual and augmented reality developers”. But it may be true – Apple may have small R&D team dedicated to explore the possibilities for this technology.

It may be necessary because their main competitors are already into this area. And they have head start. But this doesn’t means that Apple may release product based purely on augmented reality like Microsoft is planning to do with its HoloLens.

Also there is a chance for the company from Cupertino only to has software for augmented reality and add it to its iPhones and iBeacons as bonus feature . But for now there is very little information about it and Munster is not the best source for it.

Plausibility for augmented reality device from Apple in near future – 15%

Plausibility for a small team exploring the area – 65%

Image credit: Tom (CC)

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