Apple plans to launch own web TV service


Apple TV web TV serviceApple plans to launch own web TV service which may be a prelude to introducing an own television set. The last report from Wall Street Journal points out the company from Cupertino is in intensive talks with media publishers for a scale down service.

According to the information the new web TV service will include only about 25 channels. Apple is trying to secure on board big US broadcasters like ABC, CBS and Fox which can provide significant video content.

The talks for the licensing rights for the new web TV service for now don’t include NBCUniversal, the owner of NBC. The reason for that is a rift between Apple and NBC’s parent company – Comcast.

The two companies had similar negotiations last year. Apple was to deliver the user interface to Comcast and its clients. But the cable company started on its own streaming set-top box, which compete directly with Apple TV. And for this reason the negotiations between them are called off.

NBC holds a big chunk from the TV market in US. Without them Apple will have hard times with its new web TV service.

Apparently the company from Cupertino is trying to clinch a deal with the other broadcasters and launch the new service sometime in the autumn. The current wave of talks included Walt Disney (whit whom Apple has strong ties), CBS and 21st Century Fox. With them Apple can secure popular channels an start a web TV service, excluding the smaller local broadcasters.

The whole idea of web TV service is simple and effective – to get one platform for all devices. It will be available not only for TV sets, but also for smartphones, tablets and desktops.

But if the rumors for a planned web TV service are right, so this platform can pave the way for the long-awaited Apple’s own television set. If you recall back into Steve Jobs era, the company from Cupertino first unveil the iTunes – a online shop for music on MP3 format – and almost ten months later it show off the first iPod.

The rumors for negotiations between Apple and the media publishers are dating back from more than an year. But if the tech giant decide to start a web TV service with smaller batch of channels it means that the release of such service is closer. And increases the chances for an Apple television.

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