Apple reportedly has a secret car project


Apple secret car project carplayApple reportedly is working on a secret car project. There are no detail information what exactly is planning the company from Cupertino yet. But according to several sources, including Financial Times , the tech giant is recruiting automotive specialists in a secret lab in the Silicon Valley.

The rumors suggested that dozens of experts in the automotive technology and vehicle design are started to work on a secret car project. They are led by experienced Apple managers, previously worked in the iPhone unit. The new lab is located outside the company’s headquarters and this fueled the speculations that the tech giant is cooking something new and big.

John Ivy’s team of designer was reportedly held numerous meetings with automotive executives and engineers. In some of the efforts and goals of those meetings were to hire them.

Speculations intensified in the past few weeks. First, a strange car equipped with sophisticated radars, sensors and cameras was detected in San Francisco. The vehicle was hired by Apple. This started rumors about developing self-driving car or street photography service.

All this together makes people think that something is going on and maybe Apple wouldn’t want to limit itself to making car dashboard software. The exact purpose of this secret car project is still unknown, but there are couple of possibilities.

As mention Apple has its CarPlay software in some cars which includes vehicles from Ferrari, Daimler, Volvo and Volkswagen. The software dubbed as “iOS in the car” is in-board dashboard program integrated much of the iPhone functions into the vehicle. One of the possibilities is to have more tight integration of the CarPlay into the vehicles. Allowing the car to “communicate” with the software with its numerous sensors and systems the driver can have full overview of the condition of its machine. And the user could regulate most features from the software.

The second possibility of this secret car project is making autonomous vehicles. Apple can make the software, the navigation and integration with the cloud services. The test cars equipped with radars and cameras are indirect evidence of such plans.

It also can be something between those two possibilities. Like in-board software with some autonomous abilities.

There are couple of reasons for Apple to start such secret car project. Google and Uber (two mostly Internet companies) started or have plans for autonomous vehicles. Apple has incentive to follow them, as exploring the way to integrate its operating system more deeply into the car industry. The second reason is the rising rivaling with Tesla. Elon Musk’s company reportedly snatch couple of dozens engineers from Apple and the company from Cupertino is furious about it.

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