Apple Watch battery life may endure one day


Apple Watch battery life

The latest rumors about Apple Watch is about its battery life which could endure up to one day. According to some new unofficial information it will endure only from two and a half to four hours in active usage. It will have up to 19 hours of mixed usage and up to three days in idle mode. These different speculations spurred rumors about the smartwatch’s actual battery life.

Those speculations come from and are about what is Apple aiming for Apple Watch battery life and it may be not the final characteristics of the device. Still there are some uncertainty if those specs could be achieved. And according to the web site those are the company’s expectations in the late 2014. So there is a slight possibility also to see a improved Apple Watch battery life in the final product.

But there are some disturbing news in the numbers. Two to four hours of active usage means pretty weak battery or there is a very big drain from the smartwatch’s processors. Nevertheless 19 hours of mixed usage sounds more reasonable. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the smartwatch may need to charge up daily. So 19 hours are very likely target that the company from Cupertino is aiming for.

But the rumors suggested that this means more idle time and very limited applications use. Apple Watch battery life will be only two hours in the most intensive and heavy apps. Standard apps use will make Apple Watch battery life to last 3.5 hours. The bad news is the fitness trackers will make for only four hours so you wouldn’t use the smartwatch for a whole day with this apps. And the worst news is it could display the clock for only three hours.

In the context – to achieve 19 hours of battery life it will be needed to use the smartwatch more as a normal watch and the smart functions to be left for couple of minutes to hour maximum on a daily basis. If you look to much on the clock you may drain the battery faster. The good news? When the smartwatch is not active it will be in a sleeping mode to save energy.

But these speculations are not the best news for the Apple Watch battery life. And there are very good chances to be accurate – the batteries are the Achilles knees of the modern mobile devices. The smaller the device – the smaller the battery.

Plausibility – 75%

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