Apple Watch Companion app and iOS 9 rumors


Apple Watch CompanionApple Watch Companion app was released in the beta version of the update to iOS 8.2  it give us a little glimpse what to expect from it. Also several big sites related to news from Apple noticed an increased number of log ins from iOS 9 devices into their registries.

Apple Watch Companion app

The beta version of iOS 8.2 reveals some changes and most important the new Apple Watch app. Internally the company from Cupertino called it the “Companion” application. This would be the software hub that will manage the applications running on the Apple Watch as well it will control the settings for the interaction between the smartphone and the smart accessory.

One of the first function is to control the desktop of your watch via the iPhone. You can manage the applications “cluster” via a virtual look of the accessory’s screen.

After that the Apple Watch Companion app has a customized monogram clock, voice interface, including the option the device to dictate incoming text. Also it has touch screen gestures as double tapping, scrolling and selecting with two fingers text.

Next step in the Apple Watch Companion is the integration of the passcode system. This enables the smartwatch to use Apple Pay and also can unlock the user’s iPhone.

The Apple Watch Companion app also supports motion sensors so the user can use the watch as a smart fitness device. You can set reminders and watch out calories and activities with it.

The next iOS 9

After the holiday season on some big websites the web administrators noticed an increasing number of logins using iOS 9 devices. This spur the rumors that Apple is testing the next operating system and already distributed it to some of its employees for testing.

This might be the case, but still there is nothing official. Some experts noted that Apple may try to fool Google with this version. But the company has a tradition to release one new version every year so it is possible that this is a real internal testing.

The verdict is simple. It is very possible in the next month or two to see the new mass update with iOS 8.2 (now is still in beta). It will include the Apple Watch Companion app and will be in time with the release of the new smart wearable. Later this year we can expect the iOS 9.

Plausibility for iOS 8.2 with Apple Watch Companion app in the next 2 months – 75%

Plausibility for iOS 9 later probably September this year – 75%

Image Credit: Apple

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