Apple Watch may debut in Spring 2015


Apple Watch may debut in Spring 2015 just a little bit after the Chinese New Year. This is according an information from the  Apple Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts. She reveal the possible release date in a leaked transcription of video briefing for its retail employees, which was acquired by a source of

The idea of the Anhrendts video speach was to tighten the retail ranks for the upcoming holiday season, but in it hinted for the possible timeframe when Apple will release its anticipated smartwatch. Ahrendts said to its employees: “we’re going into the holidays, we’ll go into Chinese New Year, and then we’ve got a new watch launch coming in the spring…”

This is a bad news for the Apple fans. Because the company from Cupertino said that the Apple Watch will be on sale “in the early 2015”. This is actually a very broad window. The timeframe was set when the smartwatch was revealed is September and was confirmed from company’s execs in the last month. Lot of experts asserted that the release date will be first quarter in the next year. Spring 2015 will move the debut more for the second quarter.

But there is a lot of sense in this rumor. We already have indirect indications that the release date of Apple Watch may be delayed. The biggest official one is the surprise bankruptcy of GT Advanced Technologies. After that the company signed  agreement with Apple for winding down synthetic sapphire production. This is a big drawback for the watch, because its display will be protected by the sapphire. Apple now will need to rely on other subcontractors for this material deliveries.

Also there is no information about how many applications will be ready for the first quarter of 2015. Because Apple will not launch a device without good software coverage. The company already released SDK for the Apple Watch, but there are no information how the developers handle it.

So there is a very big plausibility to see the new smartphone from Apple as early as the end of March next year.

Plausibility – 65%

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