Apple Watch price reaches $17,000


Gold Apple Watch price up to $17000Apple Watch price was the ultimate question before Apple’s event yesterday. Especially the most interesting part was how much will cost the gold model.

Rumors varied from $4,000 up to $19,000. And Apple reaches almost the highest price range. During the presentation Tim Cook mention only that the Apple Watch price for the gold model will start from $10,000.

After the end of the event there are few options available on Apple’s store page for the Edition version. The basic one with 38mm case and normal sports band will cost $10,000. But it get costly if you want to get with a different band or bucket.

There are options for $12,000, $15,000 and $17,000. So the actual Apple Watch price reaches $17,000 for some models. This is a little short of some prediction for $19,000 price tag for the most expensive model. Still the cost can get even higher if Apple start to offer special editions with additional options. Like diamond or special graved elements in the gold case.

That’s a lot of money even for the premium luxurious watches from the Swiss brands. Of course there will be always more expensive models, but still Apple is focusing above the mid-range price tag in this market. The gold Apple Watch price is driven by two factors – the size of the case and the type of the band and buckle. The size is giving up to $2,000 if you compare the two models with sports band.

And the most expensive models are actually has the smaller 38mm case. So there is a possibilities the gold Apple Watch price to reach $19,000 by simply offering the 42mm model with the most expensive buckle and band.

With this move Apple is making a statement that it is no longer a pure tech company – now it is gets into the fashion industry.

According to the latest rumors Apple is purchase about one million gold models to be shipped in the initial batch. It would be interesting how much from those will be sold in the first couple of months. The Apple Watch price for the Edition model will not be the only barrier for the customers. The devices or luxurious items will be sold only in some well chosen shops.

Image Credit: Apple

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