Apple Watch release date is set for April


Apple Watch release date

Apple Watch release date is most probably set for April. The latest information is not a unconfirmed rumor, but it comes from the company’s CEO Tim Cook. Yesterday during the earnings call the Apple’s director said that the new wearable is on schedule and the shipping will begin in April.

“My expectations are very high on Apple Watch”, he said during the call, quoted by Forbes. And he added that the application developers for the smartwatch are moving forward with interesting solutions for it and their numbers are growing.

Cold shower for Apple Watch release date

This Cook’s statement is a little bit a cold shower for the Apple fans. The previous rumors are suggesting for a February launch, and some leaks are pointed for a delay to mid-March. The latest speculations are for some time after the Chinese New Year – which means after 19th of February. There were some chances for a late February or March launch, but the latest statement of Tim Cook perish this claims and move the Apple Watch release date further to April.

If the shipments are set to begun in April, so this most probably will be the month for Apple Watch release date. The company from Cupertino loves to makes shipments and after announcing its product to deliver it almost immediately. With Apple Watch there has been some change – the tech giant present the device in the end of 2014 and set a launch date for early this year.

This prompted some speculations for Q1 release, but unfortunately Apple Watch release date is set for the first month of the second quarter.

The unanswered questions

A lot of details about Apple Watch surfaced in the last months. From some functions to more precise tech specs. But there are few unanswered questions. One of the biggest is the Apple Watch release date and the second is about the device’s battery life. Also Cook said that a lot of developers are writing apps for the new device. Will they be enough and satisfying about the user experience?

How productive will be Apple Watch and will be worth buying it? Especially with a starting price tag of $349. Those questions will be answered after the Apple Watch release date.

Plausibility for April launch – 90%

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