Apple will fit 12MP camera in the next iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S may have 12MP rear camera
Apple may rely on 12MP rear camera as the back case is almost identical to the current model. Image credit:

The camera upgrade it seems to be the must have feature of the next model smartphone from Apple. As the company is preparing to launch its new iPhone 6S (or 7) this autumn, the rumors about how much will be the camera buff are varying. The latest speculations suggests that the new model will have 12MP rear camera.

The leak comes from Chinese blogs which shows some documents from the traditional Apple smartphone manufacturer – the Taiwanese Foxconn. The papers are camera schematics and according to them the rear camera of the next model iPhone 6S will be 12MP. Still there are no other evidence confirming that rumor.

The new leaks contradicts with previous suggestions about the rear camera of the iPhone 6S which vary from 16 to 20MP. They were based on Sony’s announcement of their new 21MP sensor. The Japanese company managed to miniaturize it and now it can fit a smaller and tiny placements. One of the Apples requirements are to have a camera sensor that can be placed in the current iPhone 6 casing.

Sony is a regular supplier for iPhone’s camera and its new sensor hints that it will be an upgrade for the next model smartphone from Apple. But downplaying the 21 or 16MP to 12MP means that Apple is unable to fit it in the casing without have a big bump in back. The tech giant from Cupertino already made this mistake with its current model as the camera sensor didn’t fit perfectly in the thinner case of the smaller iPhone 6. So in the every advertising you will see that this small bump is erased with picture editing or using perfect shooting angles to hide it.

But 12MP will be big step forward from the 8MP camera which the iPhone 6 has now. It will allow 4K video shooting with 240 fps slow motion. If the rumors are correct this will not be bad performance for such small sensor.

So this make the rumor pretty plausible if Apple is unable to fit a bigger sensor in the case.

Speaking of cases – there have been another leak for the next iPhone 6S. The tech blog 9to5mac obtained the new cases of the model. And the next Apple flagship will look identical to its predecessor from outside. So the changes will be inside – with improved hardware. The new iPhone 6S will feature 2GB of RAM, 5MP front camera and LTE Cat. 6 antennas.

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