Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air revealed


apple 12-inch macbook airApple is not present in the ongoing CES in Las Vegas, but this not stopped the rumors to flow for the new 12-inch MacBook Air. The last leaks revealed a lot of information about company’s next generation compact laptop. And the focus will be definitely on the word “compact”.

According to the new speculations from 9to5Mac accompanied by a few photos showed the new 12-inch MacBook Air from Apple. It will be smaller than the current 13-inch models, narrower than the 11-inch version and lot thinner than both.

To achieve this Apple is ditching away almost half of the connectivity ports in its compact laptop. Everything from standard full-size USB and MacSafe connectors and SD card slot is given away in the name of making it more thinner. The only thing left will be a USB Type-C port on the left side and a standard headphone jack on the right.

There are other design changes in the new 12-inch MacBook Air. Regardless the fact that in the renderings provided by 9to5Mac the screen is not visible, the site claimed the screen will also have thinner bezel on both sides.

To make the new 12-inch MacBook Air narrower than the 11-inch model is achieved by revamped the unibody and most notably – the keyboard. The keys are placed closer one to another with less space between them. This will help Apple to squeeze a little more the whole lower body of the 12-inch MacBook Air.

Other stuff are slimed down like the trackpad to make the new 12-inch MacBook Air more compact.

Still all this rumors are not yet confirmed. But they are pretty detail and coming from a decent source. Also Apple is known for experimenting with different designs and may sacrifice some part of the millimeters to add some of the old connectors. And not to forget that Apple loves to make “accidental” leaks during CES to gain attention and in some cases they are pretty accurate.

Another clue that this leak is plausible is the way of thinking of Apple. The company’s main differentiator is the design and to make the device as thinnest as possible. Even if it is necessary to sacrifice ports and other common technology.

The new 12-inch MacBook Air is expected to get into production soon and to presented in the mid-2015 sometime around WWDC conference.

Plausibility – 70%

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

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