Apple’s iPhone 6S could get Force Touch


Apple Watch Force TouchOne of the interesting part from the presentation of Apple Watch was the Force Touch ability. It allows the display to “sense” the difference when the user presses hard or just tap in. The hard touch can be used as a function in the interface. And this is Force Touch.

According to the latest rumors, Apple may incorporate this function into its next flagship smartphone – iPhone 6S. And this reports came just months before the purportedly¬† launch of the Apple Watch. The info comes from the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News. It mention rumors that Apple is considering the option to incorporate Force Touch into the iPhone 6. Or some kind of “3D touch” technology which maybe will be a lighter, less sensitive version of the Apple Watch’s function.

The company from Cupertino is planning to use the US-based Avago Tech as the main supplier the new Force Touch technology for the iPhone 6S. Still there is no further details what and how Apple will implement into its future smartphone. If the 3D touch use the same principle as the Force Touch, so it will rely on a tiny electrodes incorporated into the screen which can distinguish the differences between light tap and hard press.

Apple’s idea for incorporating Force Touch could shake up the smartphone industry again. Like the company did before with the multitouch technology in the original iPhone. But there are some hurdles to overcome.

The first one is the differences between the tiny screen of the Apple Watch. Its small size makes it easy to add such technology. But the iPhone’s 4.7 and 5.5-inches screens needed more electrodes, and this may lift up the cost. Also giving additional layer of the interface into the smartphone is a double edged sword. It unlocks new possibilities, but also makes the usage of the smartphone more sophisticated. Something that Apple is trying not to do.

But adding the Force Touch could eliminate the differences of the interface between the iPhone and the Apple Watch and make easier the developments job.

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