Apple’s new MacBook Air is prepared for production


Macbook Air

Apple is preparing its ultra thin laptop MacBook Air for mass production, which will start in the early 2015. According to DigiTimes, the tech giant’s suppliers are ordering components for the new model. This indicates a preparation for a serial production.

According to the latest rumors the new laptop will have 12-inches display and ultra thin body. The design of the chassis will be new to cut off some millimeters of thickness and weight. The MacBook Air will feature the new line of Intel’s Broadwell processors which consumes less energy and produce less heat. Also with a 12-inches model Apple will divert a little bit from the current line which has two versions – a 11.6 and 13.3 inches laptops.

The bumpy ride of MacBook Air

But the Apple’s subcontractors have some production problems related because of the yield issues with the components. According to other report from AppleInsider this problem was gradually resolved so the production is moving forward. The previous rumors suggested that the 12-inches MacBook Air will be launched this year, but the delay of the Intel’s new chips derailed this plans.

Intel managed to introduce its new Broadwell CPU this November and it is expected to see this chip into the new Apple’s laptop. And the MacBook Air is very depended by Intel’s hardware, because it allows it to shrink more the overall body of the compact notebook.

Possible shortages

The new report also pointed out that the MacBook Air will be produce mainly by Quanta Computers. But it will remain in limited quantity after the launch. Nevertheless, the production problems are resolved but, if Apple launch it in the next two months, there is not enough time to ramp up production. And because of the delay there is a good demand and lot of expectations from the customers.

So it will be no surprise if we see any kind of shortages.

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