Asus may ditch Android Wear


microsoft band vs android wearAsus may ditch Android Wear in favor of a different operating system for wearables. As the speculations for Windows for smartwatches are gaining momentum it is a possible choice.

One of the reasons why the Taiwanese company may alienated from the Google’s platform is because concerns about the battery life.

We will continue to work with Google on Android Wear, and we will have another (smartwatch) that is not based on Android Wear and features a longer battery life”, Asus CEO Jerry Shen said at an investor conference last week.

Till now Asus sells only one model smartwatch which is using the Android Wear. The battery life of a ZenWatch endures only for a day or two, like the most models using that OS.

Asus is hoping to gain up to week of battery life in its future wearables if it wouldn’t use Android Wear. Shen mentioning a use of different OS and new chipset model.

There are no further details, but there are rumors for using a new version of Microsoft’s Windows for powering the new smartwatches. It is possible that the two companies are working together for bringing such device.

Microsoft has appetite for making smartwatch platform and hinted it in the presentation of the Windows 10. The new operating system is supposedly work for all range of devices. Also the software giant starts to sell the Microsoft Band. This is a fitness wearable with color display which is something in the middle between smartwatch and smartband. But this device has only 48 hours of battery life, so for now it is seems as an unlikely choice for Asus.

The battery life is one of the biggest problems for the smartwatches. Even the Apple Watch has similar problems as it seems that it will have very short one. Especially if you use it more intensely.

For now there is no viable alternative for the Android Wear and Asus may not ditch it immediately. But in the next two years it may take such steps. It depends mainly on what Microsoft is coming up.

Plausibility for Asus to ditch Android Wear this year – 45%

Image Credit: SparkFun Electronics (CC)

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