Beats Audio will live for now


After Apple purchased Beats Audio for $3 billion there are rumors that the tech giant will shut down the Dr Dre’s company. After the deal there aren’t many news about the future of the popular brand. Apple mention only once Beats products in its last two keynotes. All this fueled the speculations that the company may be shut down. Beats Audio has two major business – first is to offer the fashion headphones, which are become very popular in the past two years. The second one is its own music streaming service Beats Music, which allegedly is the main subject of the speculations that may be shut down.

Some rumors suggested that the service will continue but its name will slowly be blend it into the iTunes brand. Apple quickly dismantle the speculations as the company’s spokesman Tom Neumayr commented that this was not true and Beats are not shutting down. When the company from Cupertino acquired the Dr Dre’s firm the music streaming service had about 110 thousand users and now it has approximately 250 thousand subscribers.

At least for now there is no logic for Apple to shut down Beats at least for now. Because it is a good and recognizable brand. But it will be matter of time before the music streaming service become one with the iTunes and Beats headsets to be just an accessories to the iPhones and iPads. One of the strong indications are that the head of the music streaming service Ian Rogers now manages iTunes Radio – Apple’s own streaming platform. Also the tech giant slashed about two thirds of the full time positions in the company.

As the future of the music streaming service is seen murky, the headphones will stay. At least with the Beats branding. Apple starts to remove other popular headphones from its brick and mortar stores like Bose.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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