BlackBerry may gamble with Android smartphone

BlackBerry Android Smartphone
The new BlackBerry Android smartphone may be based on the current Z3 model. Image Credit: BlackBerry

The troubled smartphone maker BlackBerry just won’t give up and now there are rumors that the company is preparing a new device which is based on Android OS. The speculations were live for couple of couple of weeks, but now we have a hint from the CEO John Chen.

He said that if BlackBerry can make a secure Android phone – it will make one. This hints that the Canadian manufacturer is seeking an alternative of its in-house operating system which looses popularity.

“We only build secure phones and BlackBerry is the most secure phone so, if I can find a way to secure the Android phone, I will also build that,” he told CNBC in a video interview.

With this statement he may hinted that the company is actually working on such device.

BlackBerry Android phone rumors

The earlier rumors suggested, that BlackBerry is preparing to release an Android smartphone. To stand out from the crowded market, the Canadian company will rely on its QWERTY physical keyboard. The rumored device will have such feature and of course it needed to be secure enough to match the company’s reputation.

But the newer information is for a all touch-screen device codenamed Prague and it will be based on the current flagship Z3.

Also other rumors are pointing out for a brand new device – codenamed Venice, which can potentially run Android. According to this new information the new smartphone will have a 5.4-inch curved QHD display and a six-core Snapdragon 808 chip. With this specification the Venice looks like a real high-end device and not just an old remake with Android.

When to expect

The rumors suggested to wait until late August for the new device. BlackBerry doesn’t comply to the typical smartphone manufacturers and releases its phones when they are ready.

But the most important question is will it happen? BlackBerry was reluctant to ditch its own OS in favor of another. The main reason is security. The BlackBerry OS has tighten security and in combination with its phone services like messenger and email the company ensures encrypted connection.

Android’s main flaw is that the OS is quite vulnerable to malware applications and hacking. The reason is the loosen security and the easy way to upload applications which can contain malware software. The open up approach makes the IT specialists in the corporate world pretty nervous when the employes want to hook their own devices to the company’s system.

Actually BlackBerry made some moves to diversify its strategy. The company made its core applications available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. So it will not be a big surprise if the phone maker decide to get its own device with Google’s mobile platform.

The current BlackBerry OS has only 1% market share and very small choice of applications to its customers. Which can make the situation worse if the company doesn’t make some really bald move. And making an Android smartphone is a good gamble. We will see if BlackBerry actually try it, as Nokia had similar choice, but jump from the burning Symbian platform into the cold Windows Phone waters.

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