BlackBerry Rio may be arriving in 2015


BlackBerry is preparing a new flagship smartphone for the next year which is dubbed to be codename BlackBerry Rio. According to the latest rumors it will be an all-touchscreen device unlike the latest smartphone which it has QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Rio’s status

The new speculated Rio device is expected to hit the shelves sometime in 2015. According to the rumors the company is already working on BlackBerry Rio and it is planned for the next year. But there are no guarantees that the Canadian producer will not hit some development obstacles. In the previous projects  this led to very big and sometimes crucial delays.

If the reports are correct the new BlackBerry Rio is in its initial stage of developing. So it is too early to talk for exact release date or tech specs.

The smaprtphone roadmap

There are no details and we don’t know the roadmap of planned devices for BlackBerry. The Canadian producer already launched one smartphone this year and gearing up for a second release in December.

The Canadian producer released the Passport handset with the traditional layout with physical keyboard. It received mixed reviews, but impressed investors and revived the shares a little bit. BlackBerry already planned to launch the Classic model in the next month. The new smartphone will try to return the company to its roots and attract the customers who loved the previous BlackBerry devices.

Those efforts will not be enough and this is the reason that the Canadian producer will try  to grab more market share with a more attractive model. The reason is that the both devices are not in the high smartphone segment, which are more preferable for the corporate clients which Blackberry is aiming for. And the new BlackBerry Rio is set to be into this segment and to be a replacement for the current flagship Z30. So this makes the rumors for BlackBerry Rio very plausible.

There are two questions – will BlackBerry be able to develop fast enough the new smartphone so to be ready for the next year and will it grab the consumers attention?

The not so good history of the company covering deadlines give us some concerns about the first part.

Plausibility for BlackBerry Rio 2015 launch – 65%

Image Credit: BlackBerry

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