Brace yourself – smartwatches are coming


In the eve of IFA  and the Apple’s event next week, the Internet is literally bombarded with new information – official and unofficial – about a whole new wave of smartwatches. IFA is one of the biggest European gadget show and it starts from 5th of September in Berlin. But most of the IT giants will unveil their new products on press conferences from Wednesday in the German capitol just hours before the official opening. Companies like Samsung, Sony and LG will unleash a tons of wearables. And this will be done just days before Apple reportedly to show off their iWatch. In the Cupertino’s behemoth’s case nothing is sure for the moment and it is possible that  there will be no wearables this year at all. But for the rest of the industry we will see a lots of them. There are no current pricing for the most devices, but more computing power they have and more independent are they from the smartphones – the more they will cost. It will vary from 100 to allegedly 300 dollars per piece.


Samsung shows off just hours before its press conference the new Galaxy Gear S. It has curved display and it will not require smartphone to pair with it. The previous attempts for such devices relies mainly to connect with nearby Galaxy smartphones to operate properly. The new Gear S it is essentially a wrist smartphone and will run on the new home baked Tizen operational system. The curved 2 inches Super AMOLED display is supporting 360×480 resolution and the device is packing 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM, plus a dual-core 1.0 GHz processor. It is water and dust resistant and will be available from October. The company has not revealed its plans for new device supporting Android wear yet.


LG is preparing its circular display smartwatch for debut on IFA. The South Korean company is gearing this device from the early summer when Google announced its new Android Gear OS which is specially design for wearables and for circular screens. Now the tech giant made some early look for LG G Watch R which allegedly will be the name of the new wearable as a perfected and “round” (which stands for R) version of already released G Watch. The first thing that you’ll notice is that it looks like a traditional analog watch. But behind this deceiving appearance we have  1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, as well as 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and a 410mAh battery. The hardware is complimented by the Android Wear OS. It has 1.3 inches circular screen, leather interchangeable strap and the whole device is waterproof. The good design with more appealing round shape display will catch the attention of the consumers. We will see if it can touch their hearts… and wallets.


Sony and their new Smartwatch 3 also hit the news today. Just day before the company’s press conference, the information about the new wearable “leaked”. The new version will have the similar “square” appearance of the previous models, but it will run the new Android Wear operating system. The extra features will be that the smartwatch will not need for a companion smartphone to pair and possible wireless charging. Also the screen will have bigger resolution than its predecessors.


Motorola and its long awaited Moto 360 – it was the first per-announced round shaped smartwatch after Google reveal the new Android Wear OS. But before the company actually release the device the competition is mounting. Reportedly, the device’s  display is a 1.5-inch, with 320 x 290 resolution LCD. You’ll also find a heart rate sensor and a pedometer, so the 360 may be a good fit if you like to practice some sports. Two weeks before the key event on IFA at 4th of September, Moto 360 pop up at BestBuy online store for 249.99 dollars. This could give us some glimpse of the possible pricing.


Swatch is the classic watch maker. Well it’s like the company sees that every tech giant is preparing to enter in the smartwatch area. So it will try to give a shot in this category and stay relevant at the new wearable market. Well there are no expectation to see a ready device at IFA from Swatch, but the plan is the new smartwatch to hit the shelves next summer. The company announced that will make a stand alone push to this device niche so we could add it to the list of potential players in this sector. Also the news come days before IFA and it just become another big name to charge up to the smartwatch race.

Image credit: Motorola

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