HTC One M9 will look like the M8

HTC One M9 will look like this

One of the big questions and anticipations for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is how HTC One M9 will look like. Will it have a new design, and what kind of tech specs it will feature? Just week before the event, a big leak hinted that the HTC One M9 will look like its predecessor One M8. At least from the outside. The Taiwanese company will rely on…


Asus may ditch Android Wear

microsoft band vs android wear

Asus may ditch Android Wear in favor of a different operating system for wearables. As the speculations for Windows for smartwatches are gaining momentum it is a possible choice. One of the reasons why the Taiwanese company may alienated from the Google’s platform is because concerns about the battery life. We will continue to work with Google on Android Wear, and we will have another (smartwatch) that is not based…


HTC One M9 name leaked

HTC One M9 name HTC One M8

After months of speculations there is a strong evidence what exactly will be the HTC One M9 name. Today there are two big assumptions. The first one is that HTC will stick to the tradition and called its next flagship One M9. And the second one is for ditching the “One” brand and get a new one. The dubbed name was Hima, which was an internal project name for the…


Absurd rumor of the week: 3-Sided screen in Galaxy S6

3-sided screen galaxy edge

No doubt the anticipation of the next model of Samsung Galaxy S6 is enormous and spawn a ton of rumors. The last one is that the new flagship will have two models, one of it will feature a 3-sided screen. The report comes from the leading business news agency Bloomberg. “Samsung plans to release two new versions of its top-tier Galaxy smartphone next month, including a model with a display…


Google Glass’s dead – true or false?

Google Glass's dead

In the last few weeks there has been a heavy speculations about Google Glass’s dead. The smart gadget took over the geek’s hearts with its futuristic, almost James Bond features. But after Google ended the sales of the Explorer edition (which costs the spicy $1500) in the end of January, experts started to speculate about its future. Their concerns are reinforced with reports that a bulk of the software developers…


LG G4 may also miss MWC 2015

lg g4 lg g3

LG G4 may not be ready for the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015) in Barcelona as the Southe Korean company wants to perfect more the new device. For now this is the second big flagship smarthpone that maybe is missing the biggest mobile event in the year. Rumors suggested that Sony may delay the launch of Xperia Z4 for later summer or autumn in 2015. LG executive said for the…


Leaks reveals small changes of Galaxy S6 size

Galaxy S6 size Galaxy S5

Samsung’s smartphone evolution is all about increasing the screens of its devices, but recent leaks showed that there may be no significant changes of Galaxy S6 size. The French site obtained some schematics which are claim to be for a case for the new South Korean flagship model. They showed that the size of Galaxy S6 is similar to the dimensions of the current Galaxy S5. The new model…


Qualcomm and Samsung clashed for the Snapdragon 810

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810

Qualcomm and Samsung are clashed into a debate over the new US company’s chipset Snapdragon 810. In the recent information the two companies had disagreements about the overheating problems with the new processor for mobile devices. Another rumor suggested that apparently Samsung was dropped from purchasing the new Snapdragon 810. According to Wall Street Journal Qualcomm had a lot of complaints from its overheating processor without to specify where are…


The flagship Xperia Z4 might miss MWC

Sony flagship Xperia Z4 in MWC

Sony might not reveal its new flagship Xperia Z4 in MWC in Barcelona, at least the latest rumors suggested such possibility. According to the speculations the Japanese company will launch a mid-range smartphone during the World Mobile Congress. The release of the flagship is supposedly postponed for the summer of 2015. The evidence for such move comes from a couple of unofficial information about the plans of the company. This…


Xiaomi Mi Note takes on iPhone 6

Xiaomi Mi Note

Xiaomi shows of its new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note (or Redmi Note) which is aiming directly into the high-end class and more specifically at iPhone 6. Last year the only five year old startup became big and gain a third place in the global smartphone market after astonishing sales in Chine. Now the Chinese company is getting more seriously with Apple and released a new flagship Xiaomi Mi Note….