Did Apple invented USB-C on its own

Apple MacBook USB-C

One of the biggest surprise when Apple launch its new MacBook was the fact that in the whole device they were only two ports – the audio jack and a brand new USB-C port. The last one is the a truly universal jack which can be used for power cord and for connecting various devices. This unusual port is object of big scrutiny from the fans. Because there is only…


Apple is testing pink iPhone and Force Touch


A fresh new batch of rumors about how Apple is preparing its next model smartphone surfaced in the past days, and they includes the possibility for a pink iPhone and introducing the Force Touch into it. The later sounds logical, after the tech giant included the new pressure sense technology into its new 12-inch MacBook laptop. Force Touch was introduced first for the Apple Watch, and can detect how hard…


Confirmed Apple Watch rumors from yesterday

Apple Watch rumors confirmed

Apple confirmed most of the Apple Watch rumors in its yesterday event. The company from Cupertino reveal the full pricing and availability of its smartwatch, a new 12-inch MacBook and an update to the traditional MacBook Air line. Most of the presentation yesterday was in line with the predictions. For this reasons we have a lot of confirmed rumors. Apple Watch prices and launch date Before the Apple Watch event…


Apple Watch price reaches $17,000

Gold Apple Watch price up to $17000

Apple Watch price was the ultimate question before Apple’s event yesterday. Especially the most interesting part was how much will cost the gold model. Rumors varied from $4,000 up to $19,000. And Apple reaches almost the highest price range. During the presentation Tim Cook mention only that the Apple Watch price for the gold model will start from $10,000. After the end of the event there are few options available…


What to expect from Apple’s event today

Apple's event for Apple Watch

With hours away from Apple’s event the pressure what exactly we will see is on. The most important thing will be the details for Apple Watch – prices, availability, apps and accessories. Other includes rumors for a new 12-inches MacBook Air, an update to iOS. The least plausible are the unveiling of larger iPad, Apple TV and new music streaming service. The Apple Watch The Apple’s first smarwatch will be…


All Apple Watch rumors in the blender

apple watch rumors

Just hours ahead of the Apple’s event it is time to put all Apple Watch rumors in the blender. The company of Cupertino is expected to unveil its final details about its smartwatch. The main questions now are how much will cost the premium version, what additional functions the device will have and how long will be the battery life. How much will it cost? The most certain thing is…


Apple may delay the larger iPad Pro

Larger iPad Pro

Apple may delay the production for the larger iPad Pro. In the past few weeks alongside the expected smartwatch debut the rumor mill is increasingly active for the possible new tablet. The initial speculations were, that Apple will start manufacturing the device this quarter. But according to the latest report from Bloomberg the company from Cupertino may delay the manufacturing of the device to September. The main reason for an…


The alleged Apple Watch launch date is March 9

Apple Watch Launch event

Apple sends invitations for event in March 9 and the most possible reason for it, is to make Apple Watch launch. The traditional tag line of the event is “Spring forward”. Like any other Apple’s press conferences it hints what will be the possible reason for the event. From spring forward is likely to means that the time starts from spring and continues forward. A very possible hint for the…


The different scenarios for the rumored Apple Car

Rumored Apple Car possibilities

After days the everyone is excited for the rumored Apple Car. The recent leaks points out that the company from Cupertino is preparing a big vehicle project code named – Titan. There are few possible scenarios for what is hidden behind the new Apple venture: – Fully integral car software Well it maybe will not be exactly as the rumored Apple Car, but there is a big possibility for the…


Apple Car – is it possible or not

Apple Car Store

Two buzz words are circling in the Web right now – Apple Car. Just weeks before the launch of the first new class device from the era of the first iPad – the smartwatch – speculations are risen that Apple is reading to assault new boundaries. It is time for the automotive industry. Or at least the recent rumors are suggesting this scenario. The rumors began just a week ago….