Apple’s iPhone 6S could get Force Touch

Apple Watch Force Touch

One of the interesting part from the presentation of Apple Watch was the Force Touch ability. It allows the display to “sense” the difference when the user presses hard or just tap in. The hard touch can be used as a function in the interface. And this is Force Touch. According to the latest rumors, Apple may incorporate this function into its next flagship smartphone – iPhone 6S. And this…


Apple reportedly has a secret car project

Apple secret car project carplay

Apple reportedly is working on a secret car project. There are no detail information what exactly is planning the company from Cupertino yet. But according to several sources, including Financial Times , the tech giant is recruiting automotive specialists in a secret lab in the Silicon Valley. The rumors suggested that dozens of experts in the automotive technology and vehicle design are started to work on a secret car project….


Rumors suggested more minor changes in iOS 9

iPhone 5 iOS 9

If you expecting a big leaps in iOS 9 brace to be disappointed. The latest rumors suggested more minor tweaks and updates to the Apple’s mobile platform. The new reports from 9to5Mac pointed for putting more emphasis on improving stability and optimizing the OS rather than introducing radical new features. According to the rumors Apple will be “fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting performance”. The last two versions, including the…


Apple secretly testing camera-equipped cars

Apple camera-equipped cars

Apple is secretly testing camera-equipped cars which were photographed in San Francisco area. The vehicles are blue Dodge Caravan who are leased to the company from Cupertino. On the top of their roofs is added a X-shaped structure and in every end it has couple of panoramic cameras. The total number of them is about 12, which is the similar to the latest Google Street View cars. In the front…


Apple is preparing iPod Touch 6G

Apple iPod Touch 6G

Apple is preparing the next generation iPod Touch 6G are suggesting the last round of rumors. Still there are not enough details about this device and for now the information is little bit speculative, but it is an interesting unofficial news. According to a various news outlets the new iPod Touch 6G will resemble much of the hardware of the current models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is…


Apple Watch battery life may endure one day

Apple Watch battery life

The latest rumors about Apple Watch is about its battery life which could endure up to one day. According to some new unofficial information it will endure only from two and a half to four hours in active usage. It will have up to 19 hours of mixed usage and up to three days in idle mode. These different speculations spurred rumors about the smartwatch’s actual battery life. Those speculations…


Apple prepares gesture controls for iMac and iTV

Apple TV gesture control iTV

Apple patented gesture control for large screen devices. The patent was named “Three dimensional user interface session control” or simply put – a software UI that allows the users to control devices using body motion, like Microsoft’s Kinect. This also spurred the rumors that Apple may implement this technology into its next generation iMacs and possible into the alleged iTV. The tech giant from Cupertino is close to developing full…


Apple patented a bending iPhone

bending iPhone Nokia flexible phone

The bending iPhone 6 Plus was not a flaw it is a feature. And Apple just patented it. The tech giant from Cupertino filled a patent in which it describes an electronic device that is fully flexible. We are not talking about curved screen in a fixed case. Every part of the smartphone will be flexible. The new handset can fold, bend or twist without damaging the internal components. You…


Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air revealed

apple 12-inch macbook air

Apple is not present in the ongoing CES in Las Vegas, but this not stopped the rumors to flow for the new 12-inch MacBook Air. The last leaks revealed a lot of information about company’s next generation compact laptop. And the focus will be definitely on the word “compact”. According to the new speculations from 9to5Mac accompanied by a few photos showed the new 12-inch MacBook Air from Apple. It…


The expected tech rumors for 2015

tech rumors ces 2015

Lot of things happened in the IT world in 2014 – lot of tech rumors were placed, busted or confirmed. Also there are a lot of cliffhangers – speculations which may become true in the coming 2015. The first months of the year will be very intriguing – the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just days away, with a lot of long awaited possible debuts, Microsoft is expected…