Microsoft will make free Windows 10 upgrade

Free Windows 10 upgrade for everyone

Microsoft announced that will make free Windows 10 upgrade for the owners of the past editions from Windows 7 SP1 above. But now it also confirmed that it will enable this promotion for everyone – including for the users who have pirate versions. Yes, Microsoft will allow people who didn’t pay for their licenses to make free Windows 10 upgrade, after the new OS is released. And it will deliver…


Unofficial update for Windows 10 Preview leaked


New version of Windows 10 Preview leaked in Internet as Microsoft is struggling to release an official one to the testers. The software company has some problems to fix some bugs and it now is facing delay to fulfill the promise to the developers. Originally Microsoft planned to release a technical preview of its new operating system in January. But testers and developers are frustrated as the software giant is…


Google is making a new Chromebook Pixel

new Chromebook pixel

Google is preparing a new assault to the laptops as it is making a new Chromebook Pixel. The first model was just a demonstrator of the capabilities of the Chrome OS and a thousand plus dollar notebook. Instead of a cheap and affordable machine. Now the Internet company is preparing a new charge into the high specs laptops with a new Chromebook Pixel. According to the latest rumors Google is…


Confirmed rumors – A single Windows 10 for all

Single Windows 10, universal Windows 10 xbox

Microsoft’s event swept away the tech world as a hurricane, confirming a ton of rumors leaked in the past few months as it introduced a truly single Windows 10. One system should rule them all – tablets, smartphones, PCs, even TVs. Well this is confirmed as the software giant just presented a truly unified platform. In other words – a single Windows 10 for all devices. In the September’s short…


The expected tech rumors for 2015

tech rumors ces 2015

Lot of things happened in the IT world in 2014 – lot of tech rumors were placed, busted or confirmed. Also there are a lot of cliffhangers – speculations which may become true in the coming 2015. The first months of the year will be very intriguing – the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is just days away, with a lot of long awaited possible debuts, Microsoft is expected…


Microsoft develops new Spartan browser

Spartan browser halo master chief

Microsoft may put its browser Internet Explorer to an end and the tech giant is developing a new one code-name “Spartan”. The change is apparently planned to happened with the release of the Windows 10 in 2015. The Spartan browser will be the default one and the Internet Explorer will be ditched or put in the sidelines. But what is Spartan and why it isn’t just a new version of…


Cortana is showing on Windows 10

Cortana on Windows 10 Windows Phone

Leaked video shows off how the voice assistant Cortana will work on the new Microsoft’s platform Windows 10. The software giant is expected to show to the wide public the full possibilities of its new OS in January. There were rumors that the voice-assistant from Windows Phone 8.1 will be included in the Windows 10, but until now there were no hard evidence for it. Cortana on phone vs PC…


First-Person mode confirmed for GTA 5


It was long rumored that Rockstar will include in its new game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) a first-person mode, something that the game developer never attempted before. Now the company confirmed the speculations and shows off the new perspective added to the game for its PC version and next-generation consoles. Until now GTA series were restricted only to a third-person view. In the first two games it was…


No surprises at the Apple’s iPad event

Ipad Air 2

Apple confirmed almost all of the rumors for its iPad event this evening. The company from Cupertino revealed iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 (both coming in gold option color), Retina display iMac, a small and relativity iMac Mini and Mac OS X Yosemite. All this line up was expected without any big differences of the specs or features as it was rumored. The not so big surprise was the…


Most plausible explanation for Windows 10 name


Windows 95 and 98 are the reason why Microsoft skipped the 9 version of its new operating system and go directly to 10. According to recent rumors, there is a problems with the code. During the tests when using Windows 9 name the third-party applications used some coding to detect what version of the operating system are running. The programmers are using the short name Windows 9 for designate the…