HTC enters into the Virtual Reality with Vive

HTC Vive VR headset

Media and blog leaks spoiled the HTC One M9 debut, but the Taiwanese company get an ace from its sleeve and enters into Virtual Reality. During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the smartphone manufacturer shown its new VR headset called HTC Vive. Unlike Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR the new device is allowing the user to move around with it. Vive – virtual reality with movement HTC…


The alleged Apple Watch launch date is March 9

Apple Watch Launch event

Apple sends invitations for event in March 9 and the most possible reason for it, is to make Apple Watch launch. The traditional tag line of the event is “Spring forward”. Like any other Apple’s press conferences it hints what will be the possible reason for the event. From spring forward is likely to means that the time starts from spring and continues forward. A very possible hint for the…


Sony will present Xperia Z4 Tablet in MWC

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony doesn’t have any scheduled press event in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but it will introduce the new Xperia Z4 Tablet. According to the latest leaks the announcement will took place on 3rd of March. The Japanese company has no formal or official events in MWC. This fueled some speculations that Sony will not make any big announcements in Barcelona. Still the tech giant will have booth at the…


Asus may ditch Android Wear

microsoft band vs android wear

Asus may ditch Android Wear in favor of a different operating system for wearables. As the speculations for Windows for smartwatches are gaining momentum it is a possible choice. One of the reasons why the Taiwanese company may alienated from the Google’s platform is because concerns about the battery life. We will continue to work with Google on Android Wear, and we will have another (smartwatch) that is not based…


The different scenarios for the rumored Apple Car

Rumored Apple Car possibilities

After days the everyone is excited for the rumored Apple Car. The recent leaks points out that the company from Cupertino is preparing a big vehicle project code named – Titan. There are few possible scenarios for what is hidden behind the new Apple venture: – Fully integral car software Well it maybe will not be exactly as the rumored Apple Car, but there is a big possibility for the…


Apple’s iPhone 6S could get Force Touch

Apple Watch Force Touch

One of the interesting part from the presentation of Apple Watch was the Force Touch ability. It allows the display to “sense” the difference when the user presses hard or just tap in. The hard touch can be used as a function in the interface. And this is Force Touch. According to the latest rumors, Apple may incorporate this function into its next flagship smartphone – iPhone 6S. And this…


Apple reportedly has a secret car project

Apple secret car project carplay

Apple reportedly is working on a secret car project. There are no detail information what exactly is planning the company from Cupertino yet. But according to several sources, including Financial Times , the tech giant is recruiting automotive specialists in a secret lab in the Silicon Valley. The rumors suggested that dozens of experts in the automotive technology and vehicle design are started to work on a secret car project….


Swatch plans to make an Apple Watch rival

swatch apple watch rival

After months of speculations Swatch confirms its plans to make an Apple Watch rival. The device is prepared to be introduced in the next three months according to the Swiss company’s CEO Nick Hayek. With this move Swatch is moving toward direct clash with Apple in the smartwatch market. The tech giant from Cupertino almost officially confirmed that the new Apple Watch will be shipped in April. The new device…


Apple secretly testing camera-equipped cars

Apple camera-equipped cars

Apple is secretly testing camera-equipped cars which were photographed in San Francisco area. The vehicles are blue Dodge Caravan who are leased to the company from Cupertino. On the top of their roofs is added a X-shaped structure and in every end it has couple of panoramic cameras. The total number of them is about 12, which is the similar to the latest Google Street View cars. In the front…


Apple is preparing iPod Touch 6G

Apple iPod Touch 6G

Apple is preparing the next generation iPod Touch 6G are suggesting the last round of rumors. Still there are not enough details about this device and for now the information is little bit speculative, but it is an interesting unofficial news. According to a various news outlets the new iPod Touch 6G will resemble much of the hardware of the current models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is…